Cane Fresh Private limited


To evolve as one of the best Producer of quality sugarcane juice from Sugar cane standing machine which is organically grown, extract juice from Commercial cane crusher scientifically and serve a totally natural, healthy and hygienic refreshment in the world and continue to retain the position through constant education analysis, development and implementation as required by social, scientific, economic and humanitarian perceptions.


To establish a comprehensive service outlet through franchisee system all over India and service a totally natural healthy, hygienic sugarcane juicer.
Cane Fresh Private limited is committed to Continuous research and development in providing fresh and healthy sugarcane juice.


Quality Objectives




In Cane Fresh Private limited finding new customers and retaining existing ones is an art of living. Customer service is more than just keeping customers happy at all time. It's about revenue, because a lost customer means lost revenue and an unhappy customer can damage our reputation and brand image.

Some aspects of effective customer service are:

  • knowing our customers' needs
  • identifying our key service activities
  • delivering superior service
  • Follow-up

In a competitive marketplace it makes sense to aim to provide superior service. Customers base their purchasing decisions on the service they receive not just price, quality and availability Cane Fresh private limited research indicates that the level and quality of customer support was the top-ranked factor driving repeat purchases by customers. Enterprises using online solutions for their Customer Service Surveys are able to employ event driven surveys, increasing the frequency and consistency in which highly valued criteria, such as quality and speed of service, are measured. Cane Fresh private limited has continuous up-to-date customer feedback to obtain in-depth information about the customer service operations. By using Customer Service Survey solutions, relevant customer information can be incorporated into automated online surveys enabling more personalized questionnaires and more in-depth analysis. In Cane Fresh private limited, we are pioneered in

  • Helping customers in location of business point.
  • Development in Business point.
  • Standard operation procedure.
  • Stock management.
  • Staff Training/management.
  • Business strategy.
  • Post-Sale Customer Follow-Up.
  • Service Parts.


  • Franchisee should hold necessary trade license and other proceeding as per the trade rules and regulation in their respective area.
  • Franchisee should ensure proper training of all staff members under them well trained by Cane fresh private limited.
  • Franchisee should follow the instruction manual or manual cane machine issued by Cane fresh private limited.
  • Franchisee should ensure that a detailed history and data of all queries and other information is maintained and the same to Cane fresh private limited on day to day basis.
  • Franchisee should strictly follow the guidelines given by Cane fresh private limited and customer complaints should be attended in time. The customer satisfaction level is to be intimated to the company. The software provided by the company shall be maintained up to date.
  • Franchisee shall have manager to monitor day to day sales, service and maintenance etc.,
  • Franchisee shall carry out the business in the area selected and approved by Cane fresh private limited.
  • Franchisee shall procure from Cane fresh private limited Franchisee and hold the stock of all promotional and raw materials such as posters, banners, icons etc., under their respective area.
  • Franchisee shall inform any requirement of their outlet well in advance to the company and ensure proper stock at all times. They shall ensure the target fixed by the company. They should also carryout the promotional activities of the product, in line with the company policy. All the infrastructural requirements should be provided by them.
  • Franchisee should meet the customer's demand, their satisfaction, catering service etc., from time to time.
  • Franchisee should follow the style of operation, Sugar cane cart franchise, machineries, equipments, Manual cane machine etc, as per guidelines given by Cane fresh private limited.
  • Franchisee should procure machineries and others as per guides given by Cane fresh private limited.

World class technology in every sip!
The Hygienic sugar cane juicer is the most advanced and the only one of its kind in the entire country. The Sugarcane Extracting Machine is manufactured with grade, Stainless steel crushing rollers, and is the first of its kind in India. The Cane fresh juice machine has been imported from Australia and facilitates operations with the production of fresh sugarcane juice in a single pass. For clients who would like to use ice, our facility provides food grade ice produced with water purified by reverse, manufactured in the world's leading Hygienic sugar cane juicer. Our employees have been thoroughly trained in quality control, hygiene and customer service as well as equipment maintenance.

Keys to Success for customer satisfaction.

  • Effective service.
  • Pest free control.
  • Freshness
  • User friendly administration.
  • Supply of natural, healthy and hygienic juice.
  • Service backup.

The Sales numbers are based on the concept of deliberate selling which assures to increase the percentage of probability of sales as compared to media driven sales concepts. Here definiteness on sales figures is arrived at considering a minimum number of sales achievable. CANE FRESH PVT LTD marketing and sales volume is build around the fact that there is enormous demand in the society. The aim of the company is to just cover major cities, towns etc., This is intended to be done through franchise model business units called as Master Franchisee in state level and Franchisee in cities and town etc., to be appointed all over India.

The Franchisee models are to be replicated all over the country covering major cities, towns etc. The Model of franchisee appointment is envisaged to be achieved primarily through the appointment of Master franchisee in Each Region or State and out sourcing the Franchisee appointment work including regulation, training etc of the Franchisee and the monitoring of the Services offered by Franchisee to the customers through these master Franchisees.

Super Cane Fresh Company

Super Cane Fresh Company was started in 2004 with primary objective of offering a very hygienic sugarcane juice to the masses that miss that in today's urban life. We are a very fast growing company with more than 17 outlets in 4 cities (Delhi, Calcutta, and Chennai & Hyderabad), very soon our outlets will be opened in many other cities in India and around the world. We are looking for strategic partners who would be interested in taking our product to various markets.

At Super Cane Fresh Company we offer various flavors of sugar cane juice. Our technology allows the customer to choose one of the following flavors and automatically adds the flavor while vending the juice.

Our mission is to provide the most hygienic food products using latest technology


Super Cane Fresh Company Technology - that drives good health & good business.
Cane Fresh vending machine is a patented technology which is the most hygienic sugar cane juice extractor with a built-in rapid cooling system. Some of the salient features of our machine

  • The extracted juice flows through a patented rapid chilling system and five stage filtering mechanism which is specially designed to maintain pure hygienic juice.
  • Specially developed rapid chilling system where the juice is cooled instantaneously to 10 degree centigrade without ice which enhances the taste of the juice
  • Technology – entire report by SMS zero pilferage
  • If the Operator is not present near the machine for more than 20 mins warning SMS is sent to ensure the machine is attended during working hours.
  • The Cane juice three roller extractor are made of stainless steel 307 food grades and a unique and patented four roller mechanism maximizes juice output.
  • Zero db noiseless system, reliable and easy to maintain.
  • Trash collected inside the machine which keeps the atmosphere clean


We at Super Cane Fresh Company believe in franchising as a fantastic way to partner and grow the business. Super Cane Fresh Company will recommend the best locations, provide technology so that all partner's businesses are profitable. We ourselves being entrepreneurs love to promote the Entrepreneurship!!!

We talk about Profit and Loss every month. Partners see ours, we see theirs and we discuss how to improve their bottom line very transparently. We have an end to end infrastructure starting from the vending system that relays over wireless, and we aggregate all gross sales, purchases, costs and expenses. We enable partners to develop chain wide statistics which may improve bulk purchasing; Assist Company in the development of new products or the removal of existing unsuccessful products; improve chain-wide understanding


We are looking for a business development manager for the following areas: Chandigar, Luck now, Maharastra, Colombo, Hyderabad and major cities in Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal and Utter Pradesh.


  • Assist the individual investors on Super Cane Fresh Company outlets in getting sugar cane supply/sales outlets on lease.
  • Compensation would be linked to the number of customers they bring for the machine and can enter into even supply arrangement of sugar cane cut and peeled to all outlets.
  • Identify sales outlet in malls/crowded market areas -check the terms of lease and get offer periodically.
  • Follow up enquiries that may be received direct or through us for setting up sugar cane juice sales outlet using our equipments
  • Selection would be based on confirming your ability to achieve these stated objectives in 1 month maximum.
  • Identify sugar cane supplier in close proximity-pass on the details along with commitment from the supplier and the terms to us periodically.


We are looking for a Master franchisee for Andhra Pradesh, Delhi, Bangalore and Cochin.


  • Bring equipment and service business for our equipment.
  • Set up own outlet at least in one location.
  • Willing to source sugarcane and supply to prospective buyers of sugar cane juice outlets of ours cut and peeled sugar cane at competitive rates.

Compensation: Major portion of the royalty collected from customer would be passed on besides providing a fixed commission for each equipment sold


We have mastered in the supply chain to run a chain of Super Cane Fresh Company outlets in a large city or a small town.

  • Central warehouse catering to all locations
  • All materials dispatched through our own vehicle
  • Domestic sugarcane juice extractor is supplied in crates
  • Uniformed, trained personal will be handling the kiosks

Sugarcane industry of India
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Traditional sweet shops with a twist, Sugarcane has brought a bygone era well and truly up to date. Our sweet shops fill the senses with delicious aromas and tastes which are simply out of this world. Pick and Mix from Toffees to Jelly beans, Wine gums to éclairs, you can taste them all at a Sugarcane store.

Do you remember traditional boiled sweets served from a jar?
Then you are in for a real treat, think of a sweet and you are sure to find it in your local Sugarcane sweet shop.

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Cane O Man

Cane O Man was founded by Mr. Rag, Who has 10 years of diverse industrial experience primarily in Fast Food, Brand Development, Retail operations and strategic management with sound knowledge of Hospitality Industry. He has worked with McDonalds, Subway and Burger king with various responsibilities. He holds a Software Engineering and Commerce degree from Andhra University and MBA in retail management and operations from Anamalai Chennai.

Cane O Man started its operations in Visakhapatam and opened its exclusive and corporate outlets in various locations in Visakhapatnam.

Cane O Man started its operations in Hyderabad on 15th June '10

The Franchise Model

There was never any doubt that we would franchise. It was a fantastic way to grow the business, not so much in terms of cash but in terms of quality.

All Cane O Man franchisees are referred to as partners. They are an important part of the Cane N Fresh family. Their success is our success and vice versa. We do not believe in letting partners fend for themselves. We will help to source the best locations with the most reasonable rent or profit sharing, so that all our businesses are profitable.

We are totally transparent, of the business model. We actually tell people at the start, if you don’t want to share your figures on profit and loss, you’re getting into the wrong company.

We talk about P & L (Profit and Loss) every month. They see other franchisee, we see theirs and we discuss how to improve their bottom line. A lot of franchisors worry about their top line because they got royalties. We worry about their [franchisees] bottom line because we want to make sure they are as successful as possible in Sugar cane juice extractor, because if they are a solid business it helps the business overall.

The Customer experience

As customers ourselves we know that the only real way a company can make you happy is by listening to what it is you actually want and then giving it to you. So we made this our philosophy at Cane N Fresh.

Cane N Fresh top priority is our customers!

Our vending teams are 110% focused on the customer

Our products are developed for the customer to deliver the same taste through out the chain. So we make sure all our franchisee use the same variety of cane. In fact, the entire way we conduct our business has been developed around the customer to ensure we are giving them what they want, and not just what we think they want or what we want to give them.

Focus group research

We conduct regular focus with our customers. We get big group of customers into a room, and talk about what it is they do and don�t like about Cane N Fresh. It gives us a really good insight into how we can improve what we do!

10 Easy Steps to Franchising

  1. Introduction of Cane O Man concept,
  2. Franchisee Screening Process
  3. Finalization of franchisee
  4. Franchisee contract signing and payments
  5. Finalization of outlet location
  6. On site process
  7. Equipment Installation
  8. Initiate franchisees team training
  9. Pre-opening procedures and soft opening
  10. Final store opening