Sugarcane juice machines

1. Sugarcane crusher machine

Our customers can avail from us quality range of sugarcane crusher that is suitable for all fruit juice shops and restaurants. To prevent rust formation, the inner surface of plates is lined with stainless steel sheet. The single time crushing ensures maximum amount of juice (Up to 65% by weight basis) with purity in taste. To ensure safe operations, a forward & reverse switch and a safe trip MCB control the motor. Approximately weighing 148 Kg, the cane juicer can be custom built as per the client’s specific requirements

We are instrumental in offering quality range of cane crusher that is available in model "SUKRA SUPER" with SS rollers. Powered by 1.5hp single phase motor, the cane is designed to extract sugarcane juice in safe method. The drive is transferred through a reduction gearbox directly to a set of hardened steel gear wheels to the stainless steel crushing rollers. Useful for extracting fresh sugarcane juice, the crusher is ideal for all fruit juice shops and restaurants.

• The inner surface of plates are lined with SS sheet to prevent rust formation
• The crushing rollers are made of non-magnetic stainless steel of grade 304, mounted on S.S. shaft supported by needle bearings
• The bottom of machine is covered with fabricated steel frame with good paint finish
• The motor is controlled by a forward and reverse switch and a safe trip MCB

Special Features:
• Size: 23" x 23" x 25" (without stand) and with stand 57" height
• Total Weight: 148 Kg
• Single time crushing gives maximum amount of juice (Up to 65% by weight basis) giving purity in taste. (Maximum crushing, output is 70% only- The left over 5% consists water and it will be bitter in taste)
• Enclosed by S.S. covers
• Needle bearings with double protection seal - No mixing of grease and oil with juice
• Waste garbage is collected in a polythene bag provided at the delivery bend

• The sugarcane is first passed through first set of rollers and then transferred to second set of rollers by a plain chute guide and the sugarcane juice is extracted in safe manner
• A polythene bag is tied to the outlet cover to collect the waste baggage and can be disposed as and when it is full. This also helps to prevent entry of dust and insects

2. Cane commercial machine

Extremely compact, the represents the most efficient use of space of any commercial press available. This Box type sugar cane machine is ideal for the facility where space is at a premium, but the power of an industrial machine is required. The SX200 has the same features as the larger sugarcane Squeezebox press, but in a more economical size.

The lines of Cane commerical machine are designed to have the smallest number of moving parts as possible. The results of this simple design cause the Sugar cane horizontal crusher and Sugarcane commercial machine to require very little maintenance, if any. These juicers have more stainless steel and less plastic and are very .. With proper care, the Compact should last a lifetime or maybe even longer.

• Produces flavorful, full-bodied, sediment-free juice
• Ideal for small to medium sized Sugar cane horizontal crusher
• Easy to use, easy to clean
• Single person operation cuts labor cost
• Continuous production in a batch-type press
• Easy removal of spent slurry after pressing the Cane commerical machine
• Low maintenance costs
• Energy and cost efficient
• Requires no settling tanks, Sugarcane Squeezebox Press or enzyme pre-treatments
• Hydraulic and electrical systems are totally enclosed
• No hook-ups for air or water necessary
• 20" square rugged polymer racks for Cane commerical machine

3. Sugarcane crusher with three roller

We also supply state of art, fully automatic Citrus This Steel gear Sugarcane juicer is specially designed for efficient extraction of juice from sugarcanes. It comprises a food grade membrane, which gently squeezes the mash to extract juice without squeesing out undesired components present in the skin or the seed of the fruit.

These undesired componets like tannin, bitter test giving components requires additional treatment and time to process the juice. (especially in case of Pomegranate juice). With such cane extractor with three roller process gets simplified as the extraction of Citrus cane machine and undesired polyphenols present in the seed and partition skins are minimal as compared to other equipments like Screw Press and . Steel gear Sugarcane juicer .

This press is provided with compressor, waste discharge door, draining channels, necessary drives and controls panels for automatic operation. All its contact parts of the Freshly cane chilled squeezed machine are in AISI 304 and the Membrane is made up of food-grade elastic material. This equipment is available in various sizes to suit the desired fruit processing capacity.

Freshly cane chilled squeezed machine is a well-known and reliable name in filtration technology. We offer following filters for various fruit juice filtration or Sugar syrup filtration and other industrial applications:
• Ultra Filters (Cross Flow Membrane filtration)
• Rotary Vacuum Drum Filter
• Horizontal Leaf Filters
• Candle Filters
• Plate and Sheet filters

All the above filters are CE certified and completely suitable for food application.

4. Cane crushing equipment

The juice extractor Cane juicer horizontal machine can process whole up to a diameter of 300 mm and has a working capacity of 8-10 tons/hour of sugarcane. Fruit of any shape and size are introduced directly into the feed hopper of the Sugar cane crushing equipment .Here they are taken by two rotating drums and pushed downwards until they meet a horizontal knife, which cuts them into two pieces.

Each half fruit, with the peel in contact with the drum, is dragged along a sugarcane manufacturer crusher where it is progressively pressed against a perforated. The juice passes through the holes of the sheet and is conveyed to a collecting tank through a groove. At the end of the sugarcane box type crusher , the peels fall into a built-in screw conveyor and are conveyed outwards.

All parts in contact with the fruit, the juice and the peels are made Cane juicer horizontal machine1. The sugarcane manufacturer crusher can be adjusted by rotating a hand-wheel, also during the operation. Required power: three motors with a total power of 10 kW. Provided with a hopper to introduce the fruit, a juice discharging groove and an external juice collecting tank. Built-in screw conveyor for box types. Working capacity: 8-10 tons/hour.

Sugarcane box type crusher squeezed from premium Pineapple of the best plantation in the world. Available in Ready to Drink and Concentrate Juice squeezed from premium Pineapple of the best plantation in the world. Available in ready to Drink and Concentrate

Product Details:
Raw Material: Sugar cane crushing equipment
Packing: liter & Galon
Shelf Life: 2-6 months
Primary Ingredient: sugarcane
Flavor: sugarcane
Product Type: Juice, Fruit Juice
Juice Extractor
2 speed with pulse control
High efficient motor, strong and durable

5. Table top Sugarcane merchant machine

The Sugarcane stainless steel juice producer is quick, efficient and affordable compared to most!The electric motorized Tiny sugarcane crusher (Same as the 8006 except in white) provides an easy solution for multi-purpose functions not just limited to juicing. It is easy to clean, carries a lengthy 15 Year Warranty and comes in at a decent price for all the functions it can accomplish.

The Table top cane machine name has been around for more than 30 years and continues to produce a high quality electric motorized Tiny. Low revolution auger speedThe Table top Sugarcane merchant machine has a slow turning Cane steel gear juicer extractor which preserves nutrients longer than high revolution juicers. While some people may be concerned that this means it juices very slowly the speed difference is not all that noticeable.

The extra time is well spent in preserving all of the nutrients in the juice and creating a much better tasting juice too! Quality While the price tag may seem high - consider the fact that this juicer has a 10-Year Warranty. We have clients who have had their juicer.

The Omega VRT330 Juicer is Cane steel gear juicer extractor . The Vertical makes a high quality juice from fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, and wheatgrass. It combines the easy to use design of the centrifugal juicer with the high quality juice made with the single auger juicers.

The all new Sugarcane stainless steel juice producer - Model VRT330 features new revolutionary upright masticating juicer technology! The Table top Sugarcane merchant machinehas an auto-cleaning system designed with you in mind. Use the VRT330 to juice wheatgrass, leafy greens, fruits, vegetables, even soybeans!

The spinning plant material moves up the angled basket and the pulp is ejecting from the machineinto a container for easy disposal. This method allows for continuous juicing, as it is not necessary to stop to empty the basket while juicing. These units are easier to clean than full basket types.

6. Commercial sugarcane juice extractor

The juice cell sacs produced by this system range in size from 4mm to 10mm, are virtually free of peel & seed particles and embryonic seeds and up to 90% of the juice sacs retain their floating character. Commercial sugarcane juice extractor Citrus Systems is recognized around the world as supplying the best possible juicers for the food service industry.

The machine can also be configured to produce high quality premium pulp cells as part of the sugarcane jaggery crusher Premium Pulp Recovery System. Juice sacs from this system are primarily used in the manufacture of not-from-concentrate juices.

The Commercial sugarcane juice extractor and distributor are the preferred choices of hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, convenience stores and juice bars. Globally recognized as producing the sweetest juice with the lowest levels of citrus peel oil and highest yields.

Sugar cane jaggery crusher Point-of-Sales juicers are the ultimate foodservice image builders by providing freshly squeezed juice made in view of your customers every day. The juice passes through the holes of the sheet and is conveyed to a collecting tank through a groove. At the end of the squeezing channel, the peels fall into a built-in screw conveyor and are conveyed outwards.

Recent researches have proved that low temperature that undergoes osmotic evaporation has more fresh juice flavor than heat- sugarcane jaggery crusher. Commercial sugarcane juice extractor is safe and has good edible quality as there is no addition of chemicals

7. Cane extractor juicer machine

The Sugarcane extractor juicer machine, giving you delicious and healthy sugarcane juicer squeezer at the touch of a button. They are an asset to any juice bar, cafe or restaurant and fascinating to watch as the fruit cascades down the ramp. These easy to use are always a winner with the customers and the staff alike.

So if you want to put fresh squeezed on your menu and the latest technology on your kitchen counter, it's time for a Sugarcane juicer squeezer. Delivering 100% natural freshly pressed juice, the commercial juicers are efficient, reliable, and give a high yield of juice per fruit. Leaving behind just pulp, pits, and peel, the juice is non-bitter and smooth tasting.

The line of Sugarcane juicer machine make an attractive addition to any countertop and customers can be confident that their Fresh sugarcane juicer machine has been specially squeezed while they watch. Fully automatic, they're simple to care for and easy to clean. Our Sugarcane juicer. Also, thanks to the completely unique squeezing system, the peel is not Sugarcane extractor juicer machine crushed, nor does the juice from the fruit pass over it, meaning that the flavor is not affected by oils or acidity.

Sugarcane juicer WEIGHT: 145 Lbs.
SIZE WITH CONTAINERS: H 38” x W 25” x D 19”
CAPACITY: 60 Oranges
SAFETY SYSTEM: Electronic Sensor cut off
VOLUME: About 15 gallons in 1 hour
PRODUCTION: 10 fruit p/m
DIGITAL SELECTOR: Automatically regulates quantity
COLOR: Stainless Steel - Green
MOTOR: 33 Hp, 110 Volts, 275 W, 2.5 Amps
CITRUS SIZE: 2¼ to 3⅛” in diamete

8. sugarcane juice extractor

Sugarcane trading machine features finger hole for safe and effortless removal from the outlet. Heavy-grade, die-cast metal body will look good for a long time. Centered dual blade assembly for consistent operation. Parts are top-shelf dishwasher safe. When the recipe calls for whipping, you don't have to whip out your big blender. This hand can do the work for you without resorting to the heavy equipment. It will whip Sugarcane trading machine , chop or even puree and the easy-grip design provides nonslip speed control and is easy to use. Extra-long 5-ft. cord; all attachments remove easily and can be washed by hand.

This 4 roller tiny crane crusher features a 1500 watt motor with maximum blending speed of 35'000 rpm, resettable circuit breaker and kill switch (so the motor will not start without the jug in place). The stainless steel blades in this Electric cane squeezer equipment machine will crush ice and mill nuts and seeds instantly and this is all backed by a 3 year warranty direct from us in the UK.

Rhino blenders have touch button controls for high/low pulse, ice crushing, continuous running and 8,12,30 and 60 second computer controlled runs. This is twinned with rocker switch controls and speed dial standard controls.Electric cane squeezer equipment

Sugarcane juice extractor motor makes an 8-oz. glass of juice in just five seconds. Large feed tube takes in whole fruits and vegetables—no cutting, slicing or peeling necessary. Adjustable speed optimizes juicing for the type of fruit or vegetable, from hard to soft.

There are many juicers on the market these days all proclaiming to be the best juice blender around and able to give you the perfect drink every time. Most of them can indeed give you a really excellent drink, but it's not just the drink making you need to look at when buying a juicer. Style, and build quality should also be considered when purchasing a juice 4 roller tiny crane crusher as the last thing you want is for your juicer to break when you use it.

9. Hand Operated sugarcane Juicer crusher

Juicers range from basic juice machines to the more expensive high tech sophisticated ones. Buy a juicer which has a big opening to fit even larger fruits and vegetables. Buy a juicer suited to your juicing requirements. This is the simplest type of Hand Operated sugarcane Juicer crusher juicer and is ideal for extracting the juice from oranges lemons and other citrus fruits.

When shopping for a juicer, there are many issues to be considered so that you can make an informed purchase. Many people are tempted to buy a cheap juicer to start out because they are not sure they are going to like Sugarcane processing juice crusher juicing and they may not be sure they will stick to a juicing regimen.
My suggestion would be to visit a health foods store, spa or grocery where you can purchase fresh, raw juice from a juice bar and try some of the juices first. If you find that you like fresh fruit then you’ll probably be more likely to enjoy making your own Cane juice hand type equipment juice at home.

Assuming that you are ready to begin your quest for a juicer, the first thing to know is that there are different types of Cane juice hand type equipment depending on what it is you want to juice. For example, citrus juicers are typically designed exclusively for juicing citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruits and possibly pomegranates. Some models are manual and some are Sugarcane processing juice crusher.
Some brands are constructed of plastic while others have stainless steel components. When shopping for a citrus juicer, here are some popular features to consider. Many come with a large reservoir to catch the juice and pour directly from the container. Many have a variable pulp control so that the Hygienic & Safe can be made to be more or less pulpy.

Some electric models will spin the juicing cone in forward and reverse directions in order to get the most juice from the fruit. Some come with different sizes of juicing cone to accommodate different sizes of fruit such as small limes and large grapefruit. Citrus juicers can range in price from around $20 to over $100.

10. Sugar cane standard juicer machine

There is also a third kind of machine called a cane juicer chilled crusher. They are effectively masticating juicers, but use two gears instead of one. This improves juice yield a little more than masticating juicer machines and improves the amount of nutrition released from fruits and vegetables. The Sugar cane standard juicer machine is the most expensive of juicers and the pros are those of the masticating juicer but a little better and the cons are also that of the cane juicer chilled crusher, only a little worse. Ultimately, they are slower and require more effort but produce the best quality juices.

Feature of Centrifugal Power Juicer :
• Brushed Stainless Steel Housing
• Juices hard or soft fruits/vegetables with multi 2 speed setting and safety clamps
• Anti Drip Spout
• Dish Washer safe parts
• Non-slip silicone rubber feet
• Attractive juice collecting jug of 1 ltr.capacity
• Pulp cleaning brush
• Robust powerful motor
standard juicer machine has been specifically designed and adopted to make juices from all kind of fruits and vegetables which gives high nutrition. It's aesthetic look and performance are best. It is tough and reliable in its category. Now staying healthier and saving time would be easy with help of cane juicer chilled crusher.

Some of its alluring features are:
• Imported critical parts
• Ergonomically designed Switch
• Compact designed
• Pours directly into glass

11. Commercial sugarcane juicer

A small fraction of fresh juicer is available in larger cities. The commercial sugarcane juice does retain Vitamin C much better than bottled juice. However, the sugarcane product loses flavor when stored at room temperature for over 12 weeks.

In India, the major is available in Bellery which possesses nearly 65% of the market share. This also has a large presence in Bapatla, and Nellore Competing products include organic cane juice sugar. Simply sugarcane and Florida's Natural (a Florida-based agricultural cooperative that differentiates itself from the competition by using only Florida grown sugarcane; and Simply sugarcane juice crushing use a mix of domestic and foreign stock).

In Andhra Pradesh and Chennai the monthly Juice is a major brand of partially fresh partially preserved sugarcane juice. The Original Juice (owned by silver Circle produced a fresh no-concentrate (with no preservatives) form of juice marketed as part of their range of juice products. Both these products, along with other brands are sold in the refrigerated section of supermarkets throughout India.

Some producers add citric acid or ascorbic acid to juice beyond what is naturally found in the sugarcane. Some also include other nutrients such as calcium and Vitamin D, not found naturally in sugarcane Low-acid varieties of commercial sugarcane juice are also available. This is sometimes added to sugarcane juice from fish oils.

The Sugarcane juice extractor usually varies between shades of cream color though some ruby or blood citrus varieties are a reddish-sugarcane. This is due to different pigmentation in ruby red sugarcanes.

It’s quick and easy to use and costs between $100 and $200. They can be a bit slow to clean up.

Juice machine
Filling machine
Juice filling machine
Bottle material: PET

12. Cane clutch crusher

Fruit juicer is ideal for sugarcanes etc. The contact parts during pulping process are made of Domestic sugarcane juicer equipment whereas the Hopper, Collecting Drum and Chute are made of Aluminum. The Stand is of rigid Mild Steel Sugarcane juice produce instrument construction.

It is provided with a Cane clutch crusher Sieve of size 0.8mm which is ideal for most of the fruits. Inside the Sieve a Nylon Brush and a Blade are provided. The Pulper is powered by a 1 Hp I Ph. Motor.

The Pulper can process about 500 kgs. of fruit per 8 hour shift.The Cane domestic equipment is very compact and can be easily installed in a comparatively small space. Its easy operation and maintenance requires no skilled labour to operate it. Also it can be easily dismantled for cleaning, after operation, and quickly re-assembled.

The Fruit pulper is a must for any small scale fruit processing unit and can be installed .
Specification : It having inline screw-auger and the crushing is achieved by means of end Cane domestic equipment and very useful for rough fruit juicer & residue is collected Separately approx. about 55-60 % Cane clutch crusher extractions from yield can be collected from the system which also depends upon the quality, type and season of the corp.

Application : Useful for extracting juice from fibrous family fruits such as Amla or Anola,Ginger.

The Domestic sugarcane juicer equipment is available in a roll-in-roll-out type and rotary type presses for higher capacity utilization. The juice pan is also structured from stainless steel having proper depth which prevents the juice from squirting out from the wooden racks and the filter cloth. Domestic sugarcane juicer equipment also available in a variety of other specifications like

13. Industrial sugarcane juicer machines

The juicer is an automated version of the very popular citrus sugarcane Squeezers. It uses the same blade cups and plungers and can sectionize up to 90 pieces of fruit per minute. When you purchase a citrus sugarcane Squeezers you have your choice of one set of eight of the following blade cups with the corresponding plungers.

• 4 Wedge - 4 evenly spaced and cut wedges
• 6 Wedge - 6 evenly spaced and cut wedges
• 6 Slice - 6 slices 5/16" thick
• 8 Wedge - 8 evenly spaced and cut wedges
• 3 in 1 - 2 halves scored in 3 wedges each
• Single - cuts fruit in half
• Apple - 6 evenly spaced and cut weges with center core removed
• Tomato - 7 evenly spaced and sliced - recommended for tomatoes, kiwis, mushrooms, strawberries and hardboiled eggs

In addition to citrus sugarcane Squeezers citrus fruit, you can use this machine to core and wedge apples and pears. It will also slice firm tomatoes and mushrooms for sandwiches and pizzas or wedge them for salads. The Industrial sugarcane juicer machines can slice and/or wedge hardboiled eggs, kiwi fruit, small to medium potatoes, strawberries; just about any firm (not hard) fruit or vegetable without pits that will fit through the blade cup. Like our Industrial sugarcane juicer machines model, cleanup is a breeze - simply hose down the stainless steel interior with water or steam and throw the blade cups and plungers in the dishwasher for effortless sanitizing.

This machine is about the size of a refrigerator measuring 35 inches wide, 52 inches long and 77 inches tall. It is powered by 208-240 AC, single phase 5 amps. Certification is provided by Intertek® Testing Services (ITS).
This item is warranted to be free from defects of workmanship and material under normal use and service for a period of one year from the date of installation.

14. Cane juicer crusher

The compact fully automatic citrus cane juicer crusher with its modern silver finish offers great style with its visible internal workings and sleek design. Measuring only half the size of its big brother the cane juice device is suitable for locations where demand is up to 25 drinks per day of sugar cane chiller cum crusher or where space is at a premium.

Smaller than any other machine on the market, the sugar cane automatic crusher specially designed squeezing mechanism ensures that only the pulp of the sugarcane is squeezed; producing a clean, peel free drink by using citrus cane juicer crusher with an excellent yield. The cane juice device has great theatrical appeal for your customers.

Key Features: Citrus cane juicer crusher digital display Integrated 750ml jug 13 fruits / 0.9 Litres per minute Fruits up to 81mm diameter (88-105 per box) Feeder capacity 6-8 fruits Anti -drip Weight (kg) : 22 Height (cm) : 72 Width (cm) : 36 Depth (cm) : 36.5 Power consumption : 20W Voltage : 220-240v - 50/60kz Sugar cane chiller cum crusher Premium and Platinum customer care packages separately available Out span of citrus cane juicer crusher can be supplied by us delivered to your door. 8 to 11.

Besides eliminating a series of cables and electric connections, the electronic box possesses high technology and is safer and easier to exchange in case of need. The function and operation controls of the Sugar cane automatic crusher are located in the Electronic Box, in the back of the citrus cane juicer crusher, containing the main switch.

Electronic motor protection.
Protection Antihumedad: IP X4
Easy dismounting for cleaning. No tools required.
Great production capacity juicer, in a small and attractive design.
Process 22 fruits per minute
Feeder Capacity : 22 Lbs - 10 Kgs
Fruit Diameter : up to 81 mm - 3.04"
Dimensions : 30.0" x 18.0" Largo x 21.0" 85 x 47 x 50 cm
Net Weight : 54 Kgs - 119 Lbs Voltage : 220-230/50, 115/60
Automatic citrus juicer-1
Consumption: 0.3 Kw.
Motor: single phase 0.4 CV
Security: Double magnetic safety, detector.

15. Twin gear sugarcane juicing machine

Masticating-style" juice extractors for greater variety and nutrition. Turn nuts to nut butter, extrude pasta, grind coffee and spices, mince herbs, make baby food, and whip up soy milk and wheatgrass in a flash. No clogging, foaming or heat build up.Dual stage-single gear, Table top cane concentrate that will serve all of your juicing needs and much more.

Using a low speed of 80RPMs results in minimal heat build-up and oxidation promoting healthy enzymes and longer lasting juices. They're designed and engineered for health-conscious individuals who want greater variety in their daily fruit and vegetable juicing routine by having the ability to also juice and leafy greens. Not just for juicing, they turn nuts into nut butter, extrude pasta, grind coffee and spices, mince herbs and garlic, make baby food, and whip up soy milk in a flash. They don't clog, foam or build up heat, for the most nutritious drinks and snacks you'll make for your family.

Instantly converts Twin gear sugarcane juicing machine into professional citrus juicer. This optional attachment automatically gears your juicer from Table top cane concentrate to 250 RPMs, providing all the power necessary to squeeze virtually every drop of juice from oranges, grapefruits, lemons and limes.
Commercial-grade, super efficient, simple to assemble and disassemble.

The Twin gear sugarcane juicing machine is NEW Big Mouth Pulp Ejector style continuous Juicer. The stylish look of the Twin gear sugarcane juicing machine will look attractive in any kitchen, either home or business.
The Omega Big Mouth Juicer is stylish, durable, dependable, efficient and easy to clean. The Omega Big Mouth Juicer has the highest juice yield in the industry.

• Durable - Designed for the home, but built for Commercial use, this unit is as beautiful as it is practical, with an all stainless steel blade and basket for use.
• Innovative - A new Big Mouth feed tube make preparation a breeze. What this means is that you spend less time cutting and more time juicing.
• Powerful - The most efficient commercial motor on the market guaranteed for a full 10 years- the best warranty in the industry!
Simple - Single speed performance - no need to guess if you should be juicing at a low or high speed. Simply flip the switch and Table top cane concentrate motor automatically extracts the maximum amount of juice from either soft or firm fruits..

16. Fresh sugarcane juicer machine

The first decision you will need to make is whether you want an Electric sugarcane juicer machine or a sugar cane Juice extractor one. There are two main types of manual orange juicers. One is the old tried and true circular one, where you cut the fruit in half and grind and twist the juice out. During this Fresh sugarcane juicer machine process, the pulp and seeds will be caught by ridges along the side of the juicer.

The other manual option is a Sugar cane juice presser that works similar to a nutcracker. Generally, these manual juicers will have long handles that are used for leverage, allowing you to put a lot of Electric sugarcane juicer machine pressure behind your squeeze and extract as much juice from you fruit as possible.

As adults and parents, we all know how important fruit is for our kids growing bodies, but a lot of the time we end up throwing our hands in the air in despair and giving up. If this sounds familiar to you, then you may want to consider substituting fruit for sugarcane juice.

The detailed features of the machine are as under

a Field Proven, Reliable & durable
b.. 100% safe
c.. Presentable
d.. Noise less
e.. All Components Fresh sugarcane juicer machine including rollers ,squeezers, frame and cabinets are made of stainless steel to avoid rust
f.. Extract sugar cane Juice extractor Maximum Juice in one go
g.. Consumes minimum power for Electric sugarcane juicer machine
h.. Easy to clean with removable rollers
i.. Have Visible Juicing process
j.. Have Covered Juicing chamber

17. Semi automatic Electric sugarcane juicer machine

Product Description:

We offer only the latest configurations with the latest jars made of BPA-Free Co-polyester material as available. Older models have part numbers that end in "P". You'll know you are buying the newest model by the part number that ends in "V" as ours do!

No matter what size operation you have, you expect a lot from your equipment. The semi automatic Electric sugarcane juicer machine is designed to provide premium value at an affordable price. Loaded with features typically found only on more expensive machines, the semi automatic Electric sugarcane juicer machineis one blender that gets attention and deserves it!

Now with PROGRAM PLUS™ 30 Sugar cane Commercial grade extractor Cycles On-Board

A 13 AMP motor delivers Sugar cane Commercial grade extractor percent more power than other blenders in its class.

Pre-programmed blend profiles take the guesswork out of blending. The Blendtec semi automatic Electric sugarcane juicer machine now has 30 on-board profiles you can select for your operation. PROGRAM PLUS™ allows you to get the most from your blender. Another value advantage of the Blendtec SpaceSaver™.

Liquid Crystal Display
Displays blender cycle count and other helpful diagnostics

18. Commercial Citrus sugarcane Juicer machine

The juicer is the same as the Green Star GS-3000 but does not come with the Pasta Maker, Breadstick Maker, Drip Tray, Strainer or Course Screen. Like the original “Gold”, Model GP-E1503, the Table top cane concentrate is still many machines in one. Being able to extract juice from hard roots (like carrots), fibrous vegetables (like celery) and leafy vegetables (like wheat grass). Or choose the affordability of the Table top cane concentrate which includes the Pasta Maker, Breadstick Maker, and the Drip Tray along with other accessories.

The quality of the Commercial Citrus sugarcane Juicer machine has not been salvaged by the price! The Commercial Citrus sugarcane Juicer machine has the same technological features as the “Green Power” GP-E1503 “Gold. The technological breakthroughs of the Green Power ® Juice Extractors have not limited itself to the Commercial Citrus sugarcane Juicer machine.

The Table top cane concentrate also produces little or no temperature variation with its low speeds-which creates great tasting foods with low noise operation. And yes, you can still store your juices for a longer period time in the refrigerator with the “Green Star’s” patented Twin Gear technology.

The Table top cane concentrate has the same capability and features as the Green Power Juicer, including magnetic and bioceramic technology as well as twin gear technology. The Green Star will extract the same amount and quality of juice as the Green Power.

The difference between the Green Star and Green Power Juicer is:
1. Green Star Juicer is 7 lbs. lighter
2. Green Star Juicer is 1 inch overall smaller in size.
3. Some of the plastic housing parts are slightly smaller on the Green Star Juicer.
4. Green Star GS-1000 Juicer does not come with a Mochi Maker, Pasta Set. The Green Power Juicer does as well as the Green Star GS-3000 does.
5. The motor size (1/4 hp.) and the capacity of juice produced are the same both juicers.

19. Commercial Citrus cane

If you want to serve a lot of juice, and do it fairly quickly, you need a juicer that is up to the challenge. This is especially true if you own a restaurant, or other venue where you will be serving your juice to the public. When you need a juicer that is powerful enough to handle a lot of juicing at one time, you need the Sugar cane chilled press . This is a machine that is powerful enough for commercial use, but also great to use in your home as well.

If you use the Sugar cane chilled press , you can be assured that you will get 10 to 12 gallons of juice every hour that you use it. There are three different extracting bulbs, so you can easily juice pre-cut sugarcane, and even larger citrus fruits like grapefruit. Once you have made a few gallons of juice, why not try combining the different juices for a healthy, delicious Commercial Citrus canes that everyone in your family will love?

The Commercial Citrus canes has a . motor that is quiet enough for home use, which is housed in chrome-plated steel. The dome, spout and bowl support are all made from corrosion-proof white plastic, and all of the removable parts are dishwasher safe, making this juicer very easy to clean. Safe and easy to use, the Sunkist J1 Commercial Citrus Orange Juicer comes with a two-year warranty, and is even approved for use in Canada and Europe and other countries, including Germany. For all of the citrus juicing you do, the Sugar cane chilled press is the only juicer you will ever need. You will get loads of delicious juice, for both your customers asugar-cane-juicer-machine.htmnd your family.

20. Sugarcane commercial extractor

Packing:1pc/color box,2 boxes/CTN CTN Size:55.5x43.5x45.00cm;color box:41 x27.5 x43cm G.W./N.W.:14.2KG/12.20KG/2pc 1x20ft:528pcs; 1x40ft:1098pcs;40HQ:1236pcs

*Extra large feeding tube - takes whole apples,not slices..
*Double safety system - operates only when lid is safely assemble
new cane big type juicer crusher, fruit juicer, juice extractor
Product name: sugarcane commercial extractor
*Rated power 350w,rated voltage 110v/220v
*75mm extra large feed tube for the whole fruit like apple
*3 litre pulp container,marc automatic separation.
*Patented micro-mesh filter can maximum the output of sugarcane commercial extractor, than ordinary juicer squeeze 30 percent more than the juicer, saving and rational use of power.
*Extra large feeding tube - takes whole sugarcane ,not slices..
*Double safety system - operates only when lid is safely assembled.
*Good quality motor, a temperature cntrol switch,the voice of a very light motor speed quickly.
*Safety locking device.
*Easy to clean.