You must have heard about the Sugarcane, in every part of the world people must be aware of at least one of the product of sugarcane juice and their sugarcane machines and the most recent new bottling sugarcane juices. In 1978 our four fathers started this sugarcane farming and harvesting searching who just wanted to make the sugarcane juice available to the people for their use. The first information released by us was sugarcane data that was made totally by our fathers and there son’s. From the late 80`s Sugarcane juice extracting machine keep on presenting new and different things in market from our web site to store data and by developing the new data that allowed for the use of customers for business.

The first blasting data of the sugarcane that made a great impression on the public. They got big producer and started their advertising campaign on a very large scale that cost .5million dollar. This was the most important campaign that created a great reputation of the company among people as one of biggest companies around. The next decade brought more fame and fan following for the company with most of the us leaving the company and new people taking over but it’s interesting to tell that the original our fathers who started the company were still there.

Manual sugar cane juice squeezer, one of the products which brought uprising and opening of a new technology in field of machines, was product of our Company. Electric motorized sugarcane machine came in the market in 1991 which gave the concept of more information that was a new idea to the people in general.

In the late 90s the company also started to make some other Industrial sugarcane juicer crusher but these products didn’t gain so much fame among the public. Some of these products were Table top sugar cane juicer, Big type sugar cane juice crusher, Domestic sugarcane juicer concentrate and some other information. All of the problems set a great loss to the company as well as a negative fame among the people but the start of windows software again put the company on right track.

Later our company started famous information about machines like sugarcane juicer, Cane juice machines products which gave the company a great reputation among the public. The famous Sugar cane squeezer and Table top Sugarcane juice machine has given so much fan following to the company which any other company has not yet been able to get the information like us. The most famous products which are on the best sell now days are sugarcane table top machines. This is the story of the world’s famous company of us which was started with lots of information and machines details and is now the world’s largest database on cane crushers.