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Appliance Parts Direct is your best source for appliance parts. We carry sugarcane appliance crusher parts for almost every make and model of appliance. Choose from our huge selection of Cane juice device spare parts, Sugar cane horizontal crusher spare parts, Sugar cane standing machine spare parts, cooker hood spare parts, cooker spare parts, oven spare parts, vacuum cleaner spare parts, electric fire spare parts, dishwasher spare parts, fridge water filters, Electric Sugarcane juice pounder and more. We've got the appliance parts you need to fit most brands and machine models!
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Suppliers of Stainless steel sugar cane solid machine parts for all Sugar cane extractor models from 1978 to the present day including solid machine repair, body and styling products as well as a range of accessories. We also stock Suppliers of Stainless steel sugar cane solid machine Design and gift ideas. Our quality aftermarket performance solutions include an on-site development and fitting service. Our Perris shine centre also covers sugar cane Juice extractor vehicle repairs, servicing and machine sales. Thank you for taking the time to visit.We supply Original Cane juicer machine parts, sugarcane equipment crusher Manufacturer parts and the best quality aftermarket items. Always assuring your Cane juicer machine gets the attention it deserves.why search else where for the sugarcane crusher spares.The cane machine spares are now avaliable in india.We supply all kinds of spares including minute of the things.

Save money with Appliance Parts Direct! Fit it yourself and save money with our FREE Repair Tips Section. We'll help you fix your electric motorized Sugarcane Crushers, automatic sugar cane juice crusher, Hygienic sugar cane juicer etc. with helpful do it yourself hints to find the fault in your appliance and fit the parts quickly. Most spare parts are twist-in or click-on. We'll give you the confidence and Know-How to tackle those jobs you never thought you'd be able to do, before now. "You can do it, we can help" is our motto.We offer a wide array of Spare Parts for Heavy duty Sugarcane juice machine. Machines that are available in various specifications and can also tailor-made as per client's specific requirement. Manufactured using quality material, these parts are precisely engineered and hence are durable and also offer reliable performance. Used in various industries like cane machinery spare parts, we offer these spare parts at market leading prices.

Stainless steel sugarcane juice extractor was founded in early 1999 with the desire to make available world-class auto components and Sugar cane juicer gear machine machines that are produced in India. Our target, though difficult, was clearly defined. For any requirement from abroad our target is to achieve the best quality, finish and packaging standard of the best brand available in that particular market. We have a reputed name in Foreign Market for Sugar cane juicer gear machine Parts, Supplier machines, squeezers, press sets, Gear type Engine, wheel Parts and Farm Equipment. We have started our working on sugarcane crusher in 2001and in a very short time span we have developed a sufficient range to stand at par with top hydraulic players in the industry. Our company is leading Supplier of Heavy duty cane juicer Spare Parts, having a vast sales network in many markets in Europe and Russia. We supplemented the product with finest detailing, such as Bar Coding. All This! To give the product our name Crusher yet at affordable price of aftermarket. The results were gratifying. In a short span of time our products have been acknowledged as of the highest quality coming out of India and indeed not very short of the world's best brands. Our efforts are to make a range between expensive original parts and cheap aftermarket parts.

Leading Exporters sugarcane juicer machine Spare Parts from India. Founded in 1993 is a respectable name in gear Parts exporting community in India. We are leading exporter of Sugar cane box type juicer machine that include box type Parts and Transmission Parts Spare Parts. Our range for steel gear Parts includes Spares for crushers.Range for Diesel Spares includes electric motorized, sugar cane juice producer and spares for Class combine. We are expert in development of new products specifically suited for overseas markets based on specifications – Samples – Drawings provided by our customers.

  • with Over 3000 Parts
  • 400 Inspection Instruments
  • 100 inspection stainless steel
  • 2500 Receiving determine
  • Test Facility for Hydraulic juicer.
  • Standard Room
  • Over 300 Supporting manufacturers

Table top Sugarcane juice machine Spare Parts
The escalating Indian sugarcane industry has indirectly influenced the expansion of the auto spare parts sector in the country. India is steadily surfacing as an international outsourcing destination for producing different automotive components. Machines like Industrial sugar cane juicer machine, Sugar cane juice presser, juice pounder, etc are sourcing their auto spare parts from different automatic cane makers of India. India as a global Cane Spare Parts manufacturing hub. Over the years, Indian Cane Spare Parts sector has witnessed a slow yet steady growth. It has emerged as the preferred manufacturing hub for cane components due to various reasons. Some of them are:

  • The long-established manufacturing industry of India.
  • Low-priced workforce and easy availability of raw materials making India cost competitive.
  • Operational units of leading global sugarcane solid machine makers etc in India.
  • Both cane makers and sugarcane rollers crusher components makers have established their International Purchasing Offices in the nation.
  • World class quality Sugarcane electric motorized crusher spare components are manufactured in the country.
  • Research and development activities are conducted in India for global firms like John organizes.
  • Manufacturers’ sugarcane juice extractor Spare Parts

Some of the Manufacturers sugarcane juice extractor Spare Parts manufacturers incorporated.

Electrically sugarcane open type Juicer Machine Electrical Parts
Electrical Parts include crushers, squeezers, rollers, standard type, three rollers etc with the state of the art technology; we have come over a long way to develop a wide range of electrically sugarcane open type Juicer Machine Parts. We have a capacity to develop any sort of electrical item related to our range of parts as per sample or specific drawings. We welcome any sort of enquiries for new developments as we like facing new challenges which keep us making regular improvement in quality of our products. Sugarcane hand propelled wheeled crusher All types of Nuts and Bolts such as Hub Bolts, T- Bolts, Washers, Nuts, U-Bolts, etc. Nuts and bolts are one of the basic products which needs complete durability and performance. Therefore strict quality and material specifications are emphasized at all stages of production. The quality is the trust we have earned over decades from our clients globally. Transmission Parts Transmission Parts such as Gears , hand proper wheeled, extracting, etc. are trusted for the quality and reliability as proper tests and strict inspections are taken into consideration at all stages of production.

Our job is producing Best Quality spare parts to meet International Specifications and Standards.
Automatic sugar cane squeezing machine & Cane juice pounder components Automatic sugar cane squeezing machine Parts include all types of trendy, gear box, wheels, Supports, box type , pipes etc. Cane juice pounder and Automatic sugar cane squeezing machine components is the lifeline of machines. This is the only reason that we have a separate section to take care of all possible quality measures on our range of squeezers and wheels components. Price factor can be negotiated but we never negotiate quality in any of our products.

Sugar cane juicer machine Spare Parts Manufacturer
Cane O man company come into existence by Mr. Rag. Mr. Rag is a self made young entrepreneur. He has vision for progressive future. He started Cane O man in 1994. Cane O man have sound turnover of Spare Parts.Cane O man is dealing in mainly aftermarket spares for new generation sugarcane machines. Cane O man is Manufacturing cane spares with the help of its associated companies as per customer specification. Specialty items in sugar cane juicer machine spares are easily available with Cane O man.

We produce high quality automatic cane juice machine parts such as machine valve.
Cane o man has show rooms at two places in Andhra Pradesh. These places are important business centre in Hyderabad India. Cane O man has well trained cooperative marketing staff to deal with customers. Cane O man has qualified engineers to understand needs of the customers.
Cane O man believes primarily in customer satisfaction. This is achieved by supplying quality products to the customers at reasonable competitive price within stipulated delivery time. Cane O man has ambitious growth plan to expand its activities over other parts of world. Cane O man also intends to export items from India to other countries in the world. Cane O man wishes to join hands with you by inviting distributorship & agents in India & Abroad for representing our products.

Stainless steel sugarcane juice extractor
We are manufacturing Stainless steel sugarcane juice extractor assembly for hand propelled, wheel, gears and equipment. Carry the crusher motive energy directly to crank, attaining high level performance. sugarcane appliance crusher must be light and yet strong enough to transmit the thrust of the pistons to the crankshaft. Connecting wheels are drop forged from a steel alloy capable of withstanding heavy loads without bending or twisting. Holes at the upper and lower ends are machined to permit accurate fitting of bearings. These holes must be parallel. So many type of Stainless steel sugar cane manufacturer Assembly.

We produce high quality automatic parts such as three roller and connecting rods.
We manufacture connecting rod for Diesel, Domestic Sugar cane vertical crusher, Sugarcane juice produce instrument, sugar cane equipment.
Thrust Washer We are manufacturing Thrust Washer in Sugar cane juice machine, Heavy duty Sugarcane juice machine, automatic sugar cane juice juicer extractor, and equipment. Our Thrust washer product is created with following high quality materials that mainly use in cane roller, High Impact Thrust Washers Hard and Ground Shaft, Heavy Duty rollers, Soft & Hard Shaft and Electric motorized.We manufacture thrust washer for Twin Gear cane Type Juicers, Industrial sugarcane crushers, Stainless steel sugarcane juice extractor.

Hand propelled wheel
We are a leading manufacturer and exporter of Hand propelled wheel for various machines like sugarcane hand propelled wheeled crusher, Sugar cane hand propelled wheel crusher. We are manufacturing diesel control device like Sugarcane crusher with three roller, presser. These gears are manufactured using the high quality raw material and can be availed at industry leading prices. We offer Hand propelled wheel, which can be used in any type & models of instruments. In addition to it good forging dies with accurate dimensions and profile ensure consistent quality control device.
• Hardening steels are heat treated in the state-of-the-art furnace ensuring uniform mechanical properties.
• Control device are tufftrided to increase surface hardness of the stem and resistance to corrosion. The layer which undergoes such treatment also acts as a surface protection, limiting the danger of fit even in the absence of lubrication.

Control device
Intake Valve and exhaust devices used in internal combustion device are made from different materials to operate under different conditions. We generally use stainless steel for intake valves, as these valves are not exposed to the caustic action of the hot exhaust gases. Therefore, these devices are capable of longer periods of trouble free operation. Rollers is used for exhaust device so that the valves can resist rust caused by high temperature gases. Nickel based alloy is used for large Stainless steel sugar cane device exhaust device under very high stress. Three roller Inserts Valve seat inserts are used to extend the life of rollers. Same as valves, different type of materials are used to manufacture valve seat inserts. Intake three rollers seats inserts are manufactured from special alloys of cast iron. Exhaust valve seats inserts are made from Stainless steel. Stainless steel device seats have high wear resistance at high temperatures. They are suitable for use in light; allow aluminum and cast iron heads.

Connecting four rollers to machine
We are manufacturing connecting four rollers in Industrial sugarcane juice equipment, Equipment. Our Vertical sugar cane juicer equipment product is created with following high quality materials that mainly use in Heavy Duty sugarcane juicer. Specializing in precision gear, machine shop & Emergency repair work. Machinery Spare Parts & Supplies Inc. was established in 1968 and is family owned and operated. We provide quality service at competitive prices. Specializing in precision gears, machine shop services and emergency repair work. We eliminate your need to search the world for your hard to find parts. We can manufacture gears up to 95 and sprockets.

Gear Work:
Our experienced machinists can make or repair Australia or Metric cut gears up to 76 in diameter.
We can handle most sizes and shapes of crushers, rollers, Gear Boxes.

1 to 113 Diametric Pitches.
Short runs - Standard or Custom-Made.
We manufacture gears in alloy steels, stainless steels, aluminum & gear bronze to fit your needs.

Commercial grade sugarcane juicer extractor spare parts

Product Description:
We supply spare parts for Commercial grade cane juicer crusher, semi automatic sugarcane machine, semi automatic Table top Sugarcane juice machine.
Other information:
We supply spare parts for Hand operated cane juicer extractor: Vertical cane Juicer Machines spare work parts, wheel and other Domestic cane Juicer press spare parts.Sugarcane industry of India manufactured by the Sugarcane processing juice machine is acknowledged to be the best method. In the Sugarcane processing juice machine the ponders is poured into a metal mould or dies which is revolving at a high speed. The force causes the metal to distribute itself evenly around the die. A spare also manufactures Cane juice hand type equipment.

We, at fresh cane company supplies Hand Operated cane Juicer crusher made of stainless Steel. Competitiveness by using the latest techniques like Extractors is made of Stain Steel and Hydraulic sugarcane juice extractor. Cane juicer processing crusher is heat treated through induction hardening we are balancing concentrate with balancing machine. We also undertake development/ manufacture of any type of tiny as per Buyer's specification.

Cane fresh private limited is reckoned as one of the salient manufacturers of punched components in India. We are also specialized in manufacturing various other products like hydraulic spare parts, precision machine components, bevel gears etc. All our products are manufactured using the premium quality raw material for Sugar cane vertical juicer equipment, which is sourced from renowned suppliers. Our products have been highly admired by our world wide clients for their high reliability as well as effectuality. We manufacture all our products strictly keeping in par with the national as well as international quality norms. The final products produced by us are passed through various stringent quality tests prior to shipment. Our products are widely employed by various renowned clients situated all over the globe. We ensure to please you by offering all our products at pocket friendly prices and also delivering them within the stipulated time period.

Hydraulic spare parts
We are counted amongst the best hydraulic spares manufacturers and suppliers, based in India. Our Hydraulic sugarcane juice press parts are manufactured from the best quality raw material so as to ensure their reliability and effectuality. The hydraulic spare parts supplied by us are employed in various industries for different purposes. Our hydraulic spare parts are accessible at the least market prices. Heavy duty vending cane crusher is widely used in various metallic and nonmetallic ores, cohort, abrasive material, glass, construction material, machine-made sand, metallurgy, etc. It is also applicable to crush various stones with different hardness in medium and fine crushing area etc.

Vending automatic sugarcane juicer introduces Antarctica technology. With many patents is key equipment in sand making area. VSI5X is a kind of totally new high efficient crusher. It has the following features:

  1. Rotor with deep chamber increases 20% capacity after perfect design.
  2. Side plate direction can be changed to increase material utility ratio, operating ratio can be increased 39%.
  3. Vertical cane Juicer Machines with combined type is only changed to reduce operating cost 40%. Another pair of vice hammer is added to prevent from damaging main hammer and side plate.
  4. The most key wear resistant material uses wear resistant and high temperature resistant material in Albania important area.
  5. Horizontal shape impact plate is used to prevent side plate from being damaged.
  6. Bearing is famous international brand imported from Botswana, Uganda, Portugal, etc.
  7. Perfect discharge and smooth curve reduce resisting force when material flows, so capacity is increased greatly.
  8. Spread dish with double purposes can make two feeding ways change easily.
  9. Special seal structure under main shaft guarantee no oil leak without seal.
  10. San Mariano hydraulic opening cover device is originally imported. The cover is moved easily and inspection of inner part is easy.
  11. Three roller with high grade of protection is selected. The hand propelled wheel has features of high efficiency, low noise, etc.
    Sugarcane Juice device is very comfortable for making sugar cane. The machine mobile doors make cleaning work easier and simpler. The machine is made of stainless steel, the appearance looks luxury and fancy. The close configurations show the feature of safety. Cleanly, the special design for the gear and the shockproof equipment can greatly debase the machines working yawp. The mobile door makes cleaning work easier and simpler.

It has three s/s rollers, will bring you more efficiency. It has three s/s rollers, will bring you more efficiency. Sugar Cane Juicer are electric-operated which has an aesthetic appearance, compact design, and easy to clean. It has high efficiency, especially suitable for juicing hard Sugar Cane All the spare parts in touch with food are made of stainless steel to ensure the healthy. It can be moved easily. Besides, the juice and dregs are separated automatically and fast, you could drink directly after pressing to enjoy the original juice and taste. The machine can also extract juice of other similar fruits.
Sugar cane juice extractor rollers are made of 100% stainless steel, with easy to take out to clean, and sugarcane is crushed in a single pass with 80% extraction And the Gear motor reduced speed for maximum torque, 1/2H, 400watt, single phase. Chillers system crushed juice is fine filered and install chilled. I is quickly cooling compressor for R134A refrigerant system Controller system distal temperature for cooling temperature. Cooling temperature can set up 2C~10C. The rollers can work forward reserse switch.