Automatic Sugarcane Extractor


  • Powerful motor with 80 pounds in torque
  • Slow turning 177 RPM auger
  • Automatic sugar cane Extractor is made of full hot dipped cast iron and tin plated
  • semi automatic sugar cane Extractor 1 1/4 Oz. per minute on average
  • Mounted on a stainless steel chassis for Automatic sugarcane machine
  • Motor is permanently lubricated and needs no maintenance
  • Self feeding - no plunger needed
  • Continuous pulp expulsion
  • Small and compact
  • Adjustable outlet screw allows for the driest pulp
  • Durable and quiet motor and steel gears


  • Weight: 17 Lbs
  • Dimensions: Length 14.75" Height 10.5"
  • RPM: 177 RPM
  • Ounces per minute: 1 1/4 Oz.
  • Torque: 80 Lbs
    • Warranty: 3 Years Household 6 Months Commercial

2. Sugar cane automatic crusher

The compact fully automatic citrus cane juicer crusher with its modern silver finish offers great style with its visible internal workings and sleek design. Measuring only half the size of its big brother the cane juice device is suitable for locations where demand is up to 25 drinks per day of sugar cane chiller cum crusher or where space is at a premium.

Smaller than any other machine on the market, the sugar cane automatic crusher specially designed squeezing mechanism ensures that only the pulp of the sugarcane is squeezed; producing a clean, peel free drink by using citrus cane juicer crusher with an excellent yield. The cane juice device has great theatrical appeal for your customers.

Key Features: Citrus cane juicer crusher digital display Integrated 750ml jug 13 fruits / 0.9 Litres per minute Fruits up to 81mm diameter (88-105 per box) Feeder capacity 6-8 fruits Anti -drip Weight (kg) : 22 Height (cm) : 72 Width (cm) : 36 Depth (cm) : 36.5 Power consumption : 20W Voltage : 220-240v - 50/60kz Sugar cane chiller cum crusher Premium and Platinum customer care packages separately available Out span of citrus cane juicer crusher can be supplied by us delivered to your door. 8 to 11.

Besides eliminating a series of cables and electric connections, the electronic box possesses high technology and is safer and easier to exchange in case of need. The function and operation controls of the Sugar cane automatic crusher are located in the Electronic Box, in the back of the citrus cane juicer crusher, containing the main switch.

Electronic motor protection.
Protection Antihumedad: IP X4
Easy dismounting for cleaning. No tools required.
Great production capacity juicer, in a small and attractive design.
Process 22 fruits per minute
Feeder Capacity : 22 Lbs - 10 Kgs
Fruit Diameter : up to 81 mm - 3.04"
Dimensions : 30.0" x 18.0" Largo x 21.0" 85 x 47 x 50 cm
Net Weight : 54 Kgs - 119 Lbs Voltage : 220-230/50, 115/60
Automatic citrus juicer-1
Consumption: 0.3 Kw.
Motor: single phase 0.4 CV
Security: Double magnetic safety, detector

3. Sugar cane Automatic squeezing machine

Their Squeezing System Stands Out In Relation To The Rest Because.It doesn't extract the oil from the peel. The juice doesn't pass over the peel on its "journey" to the glass or jug. Return is very high, because it extracts the juice from the pulp remains the pulp as a residue material from the Cane juice roller machine . Multi-purpose Cane juice roller machine , fruit juicer.

Single Aluminum auger screw design with Automatic sugar cane squeezing machine Low 100 revolutions per minute speed minimize juice frothing, heat and oxidation and maximize nutrition from your juice. Large round Sugar cane juicer gear extractor feed chute allows big pieces of fruits and vegetables to be insert. Sugarcane juice hand type equipment ejection for continuous juicing. Quiet and efficient high yield operation. Unique design looks great in storage on your counter. Built-in reverse prevents clogging. Revolutionary easy to assemble/disassemble design makes unit easy to clean and operate.

We are a preferred name engaged in providing high quality Sugar cane juicer gear extractor. Our range includes tomato, ginger and garlic paste crushers, which is known for its trendy and elegant designs. Its unique design and finish makes it favorite for those, who crave for style and grace of the Sugarcane juice hand type equipment .Only high quality raw material is used in the production process, which is further boosted by the employment of latest machines and technologies.

Model No Jas-1003 (I) Jas-1003(II) Jas-1004 (I)
Motor ¾ ½ ¼
RPM of machine 350 350 350
Capacity Kg/Hr. 160 130 90
Size in inch 21 X 9 X 22.5 19 X 8.5X 21 17 X 8.5 X 19
Drive Double V Belt Double V Belt Single V Belt

4. Cane Automatic crusher

  • Fully enclosed model with polished finish
  • New design for easy assembly and disassembly of juicing attachment to drive unit.
    Juicing semi automatic sugarcane Crushers is stainless steel (304) precision machined.
    Juicing speed 4 1/2 ounces per minute for most commercial grade electric sugarcane juicer
  • leafy greens, herbs and sprouts.
  • Continuous pulp expulsion


  • Motor 91 rpm
  • Torque 130 inch pounds
  • 115 VAC, 50-60 Hz.
  • Drive unit 12" long, 10" high, 5" wide
    Assembled height 12"
    Shipping Weight 33 lbs.
  • Warranty: 3 years for home use.
  • ETL approved and ITS Certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 8

5. Sugarcane extracting wheel machine

This machine has great theatrical appeal. The especially sugarcane commercial crusher designed squeezing mechanism ensures that only the pulp of the sugarcane is squeezed; producing a clean, peel free drink with an excellent yield. Integrated juice tray with double filter for pulp. The high capacity hopper holds around 100 sugarcane allowing for extra ease of use. The Automatic sugarcane extracting wheel machine cabinet contains a large capacity hopper for peel waste and is fitted with wheels (and brakes) for easy mobility.

The Speed Tank Podium does not include the digital extension The Automatic sugarcane extracting wheel machine speed Tank Podium and Automatic counter cane extractor is the complete free electric Sugarcane juice pounder with automatic feeder and juice tank, giving a reliable and effective solution where demand is averaging well over 150 drinks per day.

The Speed Tank Podium perfectly cuts, squeezes and juices juicing machine through Sugarcane commercial crusher straight in front of the customers eyes taking on average only 5 seconds per drink. Integrated juice tray with double filter for pulp. The high capacity hopper holds around 100 sugarcane allowing for extra ease of use.

The Stainless steel cabinet contains a large capacity hopper for peel waste and is fitted with wheels (and brakes) for easy mobility. Complete separation of juice by Automatic counter cane extractor from the residue provides a high juice extracting rate.

Ideal for high volume Sugarcane commercial crusher juice bars /deli's / café 38 fruits / 2.7 Litres per minute Fruits up to 81mm diameter (88-105 per box) 15kg hopper capacity (100+ fruits) 5 litre transparent juice tank and dispensing tap Weight (kg) : 101 Height (cm) : 176 Width (cm) : 72 Depth (cm) : 68 Power consumption : 280W Voltage : 220-240v - 50/60kz juice .

6. Sugarcane juice extractor three roller machine

It can squeeze large sugarcanes through Sugarcane juice extractor three roller machine. With its Small sugar cane press extractor, attractive design, versatility, and speed, it is the ideal juicer for almost any type of establishment: Home, office, coffee cart, special event booth, snack shop, gas station, small cafe, coffee shop, cafeteria, any type of restaurant, school, hospital, fitness center, university, hotel, motel, buffet, theme park, gelateria, high volume juice bar, and many more.

Choose an automatic sugarcane juice squeezer if you need juice for a whole family, or if you want to juice other fruits quickly and easily, you will pay a slightly higher price, but the speed and convenience of an automatic sugarcane juice squeezer makes it worth it.

Big name machine like Sugarcane juice extractor three roller machine and Small sugar cane press extractor all offer great juice squeezers at a variety of price points. You may also be able to find a generic sugarcane juice squeezer at big box chain stores like Walmart or Target.Shop for your sugarjuice squeezer at a specific site like, or visit a large clearinghouse like or and pick up a bargain.

Posting on freecycle or craigslist may also get you a free or cheap Sugarcane juice extractor three roller machine—just be sure it is clean and in good working order before using it for the first time. An orange juice squeezer is a great investment for your home and your health, so pick one out today, and start juicing!


  • Highest Quality Commercial Components
  • All High Grade Stainless Steel Body, Filter, Tray, Drip Tray
  • Very Quite Operation
  • NO Maintenance
  • Easy to Operate (push of a button)
  • Easy to Clean (only once a day, 5-10 minutes)
  • Citrus Juicer / Sugarcane juice extractor three roller machine

7. Cane Commercial extractor

Uses dual-stage juice extraction to get more juice from sugarcane and a wider variety of fruits than ever possible from a single-auger juicer. Plus its gentle Automatic counter cane crusher process delivers even more of the essential nutrition from every last drop of juice.

Brief Description

  • The cane Commercial extractor exerts maximum pressure with minimal effort
  • Juicer has a large opening for collecting the juice
  • Features a wide base so the appliance will not tip over
  • The Alpine Cuisine Heavy Duty Extra Large Commercial Juice Press is a highly efficient 3-pinion Juice extractor
  • Juicer exerts maximum pressure with minimal effort
  • This cane Commercial extractor has a large opening between the base legs for large containers to be used for collecting the juice
  • The wide base is designed for stability while juicing so the appliance will not tip over
  • The perforated strainer cone and funnel cup are two separate pieces made of Automatic counter cane crusher .
  • Easy cleaning
  • The body is made from ultra strong and durable cast iron and is coated with an enamel finish which resists citrus acids, pitting and corrosion
  • The sure grip rubber handle is ergonomic and easy to use
  • The rubberized handle stop provides a quiet operation
  • This is an excellent juicer for all citrus fruits
  • Large 4.75-inch wide space for your fruit
  • 28-inches tall opened, 15-inches closed
  • Base measures: 7 x 8.5 inches

90 day Limited Distributor

8. Automatic sugarcane juice machine

Its rollers, Citrus . are made of solid food grade stainless steel. Its frame cabinet is also made of 202 grade stainless steel of Automatic sugarcane juice machine. So, these do not gets rusted and last for ever.

In India Automatic sugarcane juice machines are once of its kind, field proven manufactured with best available engineering material. These machines in India were extracting the Cane crushing machinery from sugarcane sweet limes without peeling. The whole process is transparent and attracts customers in cities and towns.

The major exclusive features of our sugarcane juice machines are:-

  • The design and power Citrus . produced in Visakhapatnam is such that in no case, fruit gets jammed.
  • It can also extract the juice of sugarcane without peeling. The yield of this sugarcane is 400 ml to 450 ml juice from 1 Kg. fruit.
  • It has got built-in waste bin and covered juicing chamber. At no point the juice or the left over is exposed to fly and dirt.
  • It has been built to last with the best available engineering material. Best quality bearings and have been used in the Cane juicer rollers crusher .
  • Its capacity is 24 fruits per minutes.
  • Attractive graphics attracts customers.
  • This Automatic sugarcane juice machine process is transparent in Andhra Pradesh.
  • Built in Safety Switch to stop, when the front cover is removed. A warning light glows and indicates that cover is open.
  • Consume less electricity. It has got only 1/2 hp 370 Watt, Single phase motor 220V direct geared drive, so no belt, no greasing, no adjustment, so it is noise less.
  • Besides providing hygienic and Cane crushing machinery instant fresh juice to customer, the above .s are major attraction, save lot of manpower and offer good profits.
  • These are heavy duty model in cane juicer rollers crusher built to last & perform.
  • These are available in 4 Variants in secundrabad.

1. One with automatic feeder and refrigerated juice dispenser.
2. With automatic feeder without refrigerated juice dispenser.
3. Without automatic feeder and without refrigerated juice dispenser.
4. Table Top Version in the sugarcane machine.

9. Heavy duty Sugarcane Automatic juice machine

The Cane juice extractor heavy big in all the right ways. It has a big food chute so you can put whole apples or tomatoes in without precutting and it has an extra large Sugar cane juice machine bin so you can Automatic Heavy duty Sugarcane juice machine juice longer.

  • Fits whole foods for fast, easy juicing
  • Powerful 800 Watt motor
  • Extra-large pulp bin lets you juice longer and add nutrient-rich pulp to any recipe
  • All removable parts are dishwasher safe
  • Stainless steel strainer basket with cleaning brush for easy pulp removal
  • Easy to assemble and store for Sugar cane cart
  • Recipes included

Get Sugar cane cart fresh all-natural juice in just seconds without the mess. The Sharper Image® Super Juicer is an ultra modern Automatic Heavy duty Sugarcane juice machine high-end juicer. The extra large Cane juice extractor heavy duty feeder tube allows for whole fruit consumption and its dishwasher-safe parts allow for easy clean-up. The Super Juicer also acts as two machines in one; its mega size pulp collector allows for the usage of the remaining pulp to create sauces, soups, salsa, cakes and much more! With a stainless-steel exterior and simple design, the Super Juicer is a great addition to any countertop.


  • 700 W
  • Stainless steel for Sugar cane juice machine
  • Dishwasher safe and easy to clean
  • Safety locking bar
  • Dual-position spout
  • Wide-mouth opening feeder


  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 36.8 cm x 47.6 cm x 42.5 cm (14.5 in. x 18.8 in. x 16.8 in.)
  • Weight: 5.5 kg (12.5 lb.)

10. Hand type sugar cane juice extractor

The sterilized juice is sent to bulk storage tanks where it is stored. From these storage tanks, juice can be exported to filling lines with optional blending and aseptic flavor injection. Depending on the product you are looking to produce, automatic Heavy duty Sugarcane machine an also be aseptically added to the juice by a pulp injection unit before finally being packed in a e cane extracting machine.

After juice is processed by a Hand type sugar cane juice extractor line, finished and chilled, the juice is fed to an aseptic processing system that consists of a Tube in Shell Dimple Tube Sterilizer, with optional direct product-to-product heat recovery. A Flash Desecrator specially designed for cane extracting machine recovery and oil separation, as well as an independent CIP tank and associated piping may also be part of the system.

The juice obtained from the extractor and then finished before being sent to the Franchise sugarcane machine Accelerated Short Time Evaporator water is removed, resulting in a high quality concentrated juice product. The cane extracting machine is then sent to aseptic bulk storage tanks, from which it can blended to a uniform product.

After blending, the product is exported into drums, tankers, or aseptic storage bins. The juice passes through the holes of the sheet and is conveyed to a collecting tank through a groove. At the end of the squeezing channel, the peels fall into a built-in screw conveyor and are conveyed outwards for automatic Heavy duty Sugarcane machine

Product Description

Our juice concentrate are all made by the factories qualified by HACCP, ISO and KOSHER with high quality standard.
100% Hand type sugar cane juice extractor concentrates without food additives
Brix: 60% +-1%
Net Weight: 250kg/durm
Gross Weight: 270kg/durm
80durm/20FCL container

11. Sugarcane automatic crusher

The crusher is a fast, stainless steel and high-quality Sugarcane automatic crusher, producing the finest quality of great tasting; standard free citrus juice available on the market today. This extractor or Automatic Heavy duty Sugarcane crusher has an extremely small footprint, thus, taking up only a minimal amount of space.

Easy to clean and maintain, Stainless steel sugar cane solid machine components, Low lifetime cost. This revolutionary machine produces up to 70 liters per hour, yielding 180 cc. of juice for every two sugarcanes. The Tiny sugarcane device or Countertop utilizes an innovative and patented extracting process which leaves the peel of the citrus virtually intact while drawing out the essence of the fruit in the form of great tasting juice from Automatic Heavy duty Sugarcane crusher.

With its smaller size, attractive design, versatility, and speed, it is the ideal Sugarcane automatic crusher juicer for almost any type of establishment: Home, office, special event booth, snack shop, gas station, small cafe, cafeteria, any type of restaurant, school, hospital, fitness center, university, hotel, motel, buffet, theme park, high volume juice bar, and many more.

Dimensions are just 24 cm. (9 1/2 inches) wide x 56 cm. (22 inches) deep x 67 cm. (26 1/2 inches) high!

Product Description

  1. Power supply for Stainless steel sugar cane solid machine: 220--230V 50HZ /110--120V 60HZ
  2. Power consumption: 370W
  3. Size of sugarcane required: 40--80mm
  4. Output: 40-60 oranges/3 literes/0.8 gallon/minute
  5. The size of Sugarcane automatic crusher: 540L*610W*1750H mm(length*width*height)
  6. Weight: 136kg
  7. Security: Satety cut out Tiny sugarcane device switches

12. Sugarcane automatic crusher cum chiller

Spent peels are deposited into a removable tray at the base of the unit. The unit can also be configured with a hopper and/or a special Sugarcane juice extracting machine which allows spent peels to be deposited in a waste container stored under the counter on which the extracting Stainless steel sugar cane juicer is installed.

The extractors are the only juicers on the market with internal self cleaning features. All the Sugarcane crusher cum chiller models incorporate high pressure water jets, which, at the touch of a button, eliminate residual pulp and thoroughly rinse all Stainless steel sugar cane juicer. This unique feature allows for periodic cleaning during the day and helps to make end of the day clean up time average an industry leading five minutes!

The Juice extractor manufacturers Juicer the finest citrus juicer in the world - is the result of a second to none research effort by one of Europe's most respected agro-industrial companies. This state of the art Sugarcane crusher cum chiller is the fastest, cleanest, and smallest heavy duty commercial juicer on the market. Requires only 9.5 inches (24 cm.) of counter space and operates just as efficiently as the competition's industrial-size Sugarcane juice extracting machine.

Product Description

Model Juice extractor manufacturers Number: CJ4
For hotels, bars, restaurants, cafeterias, institutions, hospitals, health food stores, juice bars, ice cream shops. . .

220-240 V-50 / 60 Hz-180 W
100-120 V-50 / 60 Hz-180 W
1800 RPM (60 Hz)
Sanitary Aluminum alloy base.
Net weight: 5 KG (11lbs)
Shipping weight: 6 KG (13 lbs)

13. Automatic Heavy duty Sugarcane juicer

Make Delicious Citrus Juices with the Cane juice extractor. It is essential that we get a certain amount of specific certain vitamins and nutrients in our diets, and one way to get many of these is with citrus fruits. Now, in order to get the amount that you actually need each day, you would have to run around with a piece of fruit in your mouth all day long.

But, when you get your fruits in juice form, you need a much smaller and less filling serving for Cane juice extractor. One way to get great-tasting fruit juice, and get the maximum extraction from those fruits, is to use a juicer, such as the Automatic Heavy duty Sugarcane juicer and the Sugar cane cart machines will not working without the cover place of Automatic Triple Safety Sensor , Motor Overheating and Jamming Protection.

The automatic sugar cane juice extracting machine is manually operated and comes with a one-year warranty against any defects. So, if you are looking for a way to serve your customers delicious, Cane juice extractor, you need to get a Jupiter Large Commercial Juice Press. You will get the most juice possible from your citrus fruits, and by doing this, the Jupiter Large Commercial Juice Press will pay for itself in no time at all.

Upper Storage Basket for Easy Reloading

Product Description

1. Power supply: 220--230V 50HZ /110--120V 60HZ
2. Power consumption: 370W
3. Size of Automatic Heavy duty Sugarcane juicer required: 40--80mm
4. Output: 40-60 oranges/3 literes/0.8 gallon/minute
5. Machine Sugar cane cart Size: 540L*610W*1750H mm(length*width*height)
6. Weight: 136kg
7. Security: Safety cut out switches

14. Automatic cane juicer

The juice container in the US, the Cane juicer manufacturer major juice brand is sugarcane Products (owned by PepsiCo Inc.), which possesses nearly 65% of the market share. Sugarcane extractor also has a large presence in Latin America, Europe and Central Asia.

Competing products include Simply Stainless steel sugarcane crushing rollers (owned by the Minute Maid division of The Coca-Cola Company) and Florida's Natural (a Florida-based agricultural cooperative that differentiates Automatic cane juice juicer itself from the competition by using only Florida grown sugarcane; Tropicana and Simply use a mix of domestic and foreign stock).

In Australia, Daily Sugarcane extractor Juice (owned by National Foods) is a major brand of partially fresh Automatic cane juice juicer partially preserved juice. The Cane juicer manufacturer Original Stainless steel sugarcane crushing rollers. (owned by Golden Circle produced a fresh no-concentrate (with no preservatives) form of juice marketed as part of their 'Black Label' range of juice products. Both these products, along with other brands are sold in the refrigerated section of supermarkets throughout Australia.

Some producers add citric acid or ascorbic acid to Stainless steel sugarcane crushing rollers juice beyond what is naturally found in the orange. Some also include other nutrients such as calcium and Vitamin D, not found naturally in oranges. Low-acid varieties of orange juice are also available. Omega-3 is sometimes added to orange juice from fish oils

It is usually varies between shades of the colors though some ruby red or blood orange varieties are a reddish-orange or even pinkish. This is due to different pigmentation in ruby red oranges. The resin will also retain the ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) and folic acid portions of the juice.

15. sugar cane automatic juice machine

This outstanding performance is made possible due to the positive feed of the Merchant sugarcane wholesaler Extractor and the lack of sensitivity of this extractor as it relates to the size and shape of citrus. sugar cane Automatic juice machine will handle your complete size range as well as all fruit varieties, including Persian limes, mandarins, and sugarcanes.

Quality is also assured through maximum hygiene. This hygiene is made possible through the use of Sugarcane crusher double gear heavy type construction on the commercial sugarcane extractor, the sugar cane Automatic juice machine and the use of an enclosed stainless steel piping system to transport the juice to the double gear.

Juice Yield, The Juice Extractor yields more juice per unit of citrus than any other competitive equipment. The Commercial cane juicer is unique in that it is a machine in which oil recovery is performed in the same piece of equipment as juice extraction. This method not only minimizes the space and energy required to recover oil, but also delivers high yields.

Water usage and waste disposal are minimized through the use of water recycle systems, which are part of all recent Sugarcane crusher double gear heavy type equipped citrus processing facilities. The quality of the oil recovered allows processors to market their product as cold pressed oil.

The Merchant sugarcane wholesaler offers various methods of pulp recovery. The juice cell sac sizes can be custom tailored to the needs of the processor and its customers. In one configuration the sugar cane Automatic juice machine can produce pure juice sacs of nominal size for use in concentrated juices and other products.

16. Cane juice machine

The Range is a patented juicer that makes it possible for coffee bars, hotels, restaurants, food stores and juice bars to offer freshly squeezed Cane juice machine to order automatic sugar cane juice crusher juice, without the mess and time-consuming inconvenience of hand or electrically powered squeezers currently on the market. This model is only 24 cm. wide Cane clutch crusher At the end of the day, clean up consists of: removing four machine parts and running them through a dishwasher, using an easily connected water wand to completely flush out the Sugarcane table top crushing machine while the parts are being cleaned, and then placing the four cleaned parts back in the machine. The whole operation requires just 5 minutes.

The automatic sugar cane juice crusher models are designed to be hand fed sugarcane and deposit spent peels into a removable tray at the base of the unit. However, it can be configured with a hopper (sugarcane store to be placed on top of the unit) and/or a special "through the counter kit" which allows spent peels to be deposited in a waste container of your choice stored under the counter on which the machine is installed. The "window" version is equipped with a window in the front part of the machine and a lighting system which enables the customer to watch the cutting of the oranges.

The "deluxe" has a classic look which would be ideal for luxury hotels and catering service.
The "HR Push & Drink" automatic sugar cane juice crusher model is composed by the OR Cane clutch crusher mounted on a mobile cart with a cup holding greed. The height of the spout from the greed allows the easy filling of bottles and larger juice container. There is nothing quite like serving a large glass of 100% freshly squeezed orange juice. Customers want and love the healthy, natural taste of fresh squeezed juice. Your sales will increase, as will your profits!

Cecil ware offers 5 unique models of Fresh Squeezed sugarcane Juicers with the “Fastest Gear System” in the industry. The efficient squeezing technology offers the fastest cycle of squeezing, extracting, straining and discarding of waste imaginable. The secret to the phenomenal speed is the high tech processing gears, the micro-jagged stainless steel blade that slices and the high impact plastic convex that perfectly extracts the juice without any trace of the bitter peel oil

17. Industrial sugarcane juicer extractor

The automatic sugar cane juice juicer extractor can extract healthy juices from carrots, pineapple, celery, parsley, spinach, wheat-grass, apple, orange, kale, cucumber, ginger, beetroot, sprouts, and many other leafy greens. It can also extract juices from aloe and pine leaves which no other existing juicers on the market have ever done before Cane hand press juicer . The low-speed screw prevents natural flavours and high nutritional contents from being destroyed. On the other hand, when juicing with a high speed Industrial sugarcane juicer extractor such as a Industrial sugarcane juicer extractor it is imperative that you drink the juice immediately after juicing, while the juice is still 'alive.'

Despite the oxidation caused by high speed cane crusher cum chiller, (which is even worse with higher rpm machines), please keep in mind that it is definitely better to drink a automatic sugar cane juice juicer extractor, than none at all! Many people have been stranded in remote locations and died of starvation, despite being surrounded by various edible foods such as many seaweeds etc.

One frequently overlooked wild food that grows in abundance in so many places .A major reason given for not using juice as a survival food, is because humans do not have a rumen to digest the grass properly. But there is another method of extracting the many beneficial nutrients from juice and that is via a Cane hand press juicer. In fact one of the greatest survival tools you could ever own, is a Cane hand press juicer , which is perfect for those uncertain times when there is no electricity available. Clear lid with feed tube allows you to view the juicing process from start to finish. Stable base with rubber feet has a sealed housing for quiet and steady operation.

Other features include a wide metal spout that empties the juice into a glass or bowl, cord storage area, and a spatula (included) that's specially designed to remove pulp from the basket. (Sku: #184442)

18. Stainless Steel Manual sugar cane Juicer

Back to Basics’ juicer is arguably the most popular wheatgrass juicer on the market. Although a bit pricier than the Table top big type sugar cane juicer at about $80, it is completely made of stainless steel and comes with a five-year warranty. It clamps to your tabletop for firm hold. It can puree or juice wheat grass and soft fruits (including citrus). It is easy to clean and resists rusting. This Table top big type sugar cane juicer is made of sturdy stainless steel that will never rust. It disassembles into just a few parts so that it is easy to clean and reassemble.

Although the priciest of the three models reviewed here at about $110 not including shipping, its design, ease of use, and sturdy construction make it worth the extra cost. It also has a five-year manufacturer’s warranty included. These Stainless Steel Manual sugar cane Juicerare top-notch. We only stock easy to use and easy to clean manual juicers. These include wheatgrass and citrus manual juicers.

Stainless Steel Manual sugar cane Juicer are incredibly easy to clean! This is by far one of the most attractive features of Stainless Steel Manual sugar cane Juicer. We only carry a few select brands of manual juicers and have made sure to only carry quality units which extract a high amount of juice. Another great benefit of having a manual juicer is they are smaller, portable and provide a much lower price tag than their electric counterparts.
We really like the Table top big type sugar cane juicer best of all manual juicers on the market. While this is sold as a all-wheatgrass juicer it can also do a great job on all leafy greens. If you are wanting to have a taste of carrot, celery, etc in your wheatgrass this will work well too.

The most powerful centrifugal power juicer with the motto "Maximum Juice - Minimum Fuss". It's surgical grade micro mesh filter ensures 30% more juice compared to conventional juicers. It's extra large chute accommodates whole fruits and thereby lessens effort.

19. Automatic sugar cane juice extracting machine

The automatic cane juice crushing type offered by us are cabinet type and are available with tray & waste dispenser. These manual can machine are designed to make juices from all kind of fruits which gives high nutrition. The designs of these juicers add innate charm to the kitchen and thus, are widely demanded in the market.

We are manufacture and we provide Automatic sugarcane juice extracting machine our clients with a comprehensive range of Manual cane machine manufactured with high quality material to give efficient durability and high tensile strength. The product is used to extract juice from crushed fruits.

Therefore, it is a device with high automatic cane juice crushing juicing efficiency. The Commercial sugarcane crusher increases juicing rate of fruits by 20-35%,and the juicing rate is up to 75-80%(according to material),which reduces production cost greatly, and improves enterprise's economic benefits

Technical Specifications:

  • Type: Automatic sugarcane juice extracting machine (with tray & waste dispenser)
  • All aluminum body (pressure die casting) with stainless steel rod and strainer.
  • Capacity of manual can machine- approx 100 Liters per hour
  • Motor ½ horsepower. single phase 220V A/C

* Height: 26"
* Length: 24"
* Width: 20"

20. Automatic cane juice crusher

The white membrane under the skin (called the pith) or more correctly the albedo, contains almost as much vitamin C as the flesh of the fruit? The white automatic cane juice crusher is also a good source of pectin- a soluble fiber that helps lower cholesterol levels. Sugarcane also contain vitamin C, potassium, calcium as well as the b vitamins niacin and thiamine.

Read our article about the two different types of Sugarcane crusher and guide on selecting the right , cum chiller for you. Looking for the Merchant sugarcane dealers. The Automatic cane juice crusher name has been changed to the Jupiter for the Mid Size model and the Sugarcane crusher) Model.

This was the decision of the manufacturer Merchant sugarcane dealers to phase out the , cum chiller name, probably so they would no longer have to pay royalties. Fruit of any shape and size are introduced directly into the feed hopper of the machine. Here they are taken by two rotating drums and pushed downwards until they meet a horizontal knife, which cuts them into two pieces

Citrus Juice Extractor

  1. Unique non-drip valve,anti-drip spout design Eye-catching shape design Automatic cane juice crusher
  2. Residue separator
  3. Unique non-drip valve,anti-drip spout design
  4. Eye-catching orange shape design
  5. Strong double reamers suits for different size of oranges
  6. With residue separator to separate residue juice Carton size: 74x38x50cm Qty.: 8pcs/ctn 3200pcs/20'; 7616pcs/40'HQ

21. Cane juice automatic extracting machine

The fresh countertop Big , is the most efficient and user friendly juicer available on the market today. The Sugar cane juicer crusher can produce a half gallon of juice in just over a minute using only 24 oranges. In addition, it is the only Cane juice automatic extracting machine juicer on the market with internal self cleaning features.

Four high pressure water jets completely rinse all juicing Sugar cane standing machine components at the push of a button and at timed intervals. This unique feature not only allows periodic cleaning when juicing different types of citrus fruits, but also makes cleaning at the end of the day the fastest in the industry. Help make people's life healthier by providing the means to consume Big , to order.

Sugar cane juicer crusher allows you to offer your customers fresh squeezed sugarcane juice in the most cost effective and functionally efficient manner available to the market, eliminating the serving of rancid or stale juice. Our line of Automatic cane juice extracting machine are designed to meet the needs of all food service segments, from quick serve coffee bars to self serve cafeterias, resort hotels, and large complexes with vending facilities.

Our units feature:

  • Sleek Italian Sugar cane juicer crusher design
  • Stainless steel body and parts
  • Continuous or timed cycles
  • Few moving parts
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Integrated automatic rinsing system
  • Manual rinsing unit
  • Unbreakable stainless steel components
  • Low and affordable cost
  • No bitter orange peel taste
  • Small espresso bar design
  • On demand feeder (Countertop, Bulk Hopper optional)
  • Large capacity Bulk Hopper (Standard on Cart Model)

22. Automatic sugarcane juice crusher cum chiller

The Home Blender is the total solution! Blend, Chop, Grind, Freeze, Cook, Hash, Crush, Mince, Dice, Mill, Puree, and Much More! Its an all-in-one appliance that makes smoothies, fresh juice, ice cream, milkshakes, cappuccinos, margaritas, soups, sauces, breads, dressings, salsas and more! It replaces up to 9 other appliances with one fast easy-to-use machine, at a fraction of the cost.

You've seen the unique square jar before; for years blending professionals have used Blendtec machines in the best coffee shops, juice bars, gyms, and restaurants around the world. Blendtec machines are known for producing the best, most consistent results in taste and texture and now with the Home Blender, you'll enjoy the same great results in your home!

Home Blender comes with our exclusive Smart-Touch technology which means when a cycle button is pushed, the Home Blender automatically speeds up and slows down, then shuts off when the cycle is complete, so recipes turn out perfect every time. Tired of your blender not being able to crush ice?

23. Sugarcane vending machine

Manual juicers can be very efficient and they are rather inexpensive ranging from around $18 to $150 depending on how complex the machine. The main drawback to manual juicers is that they are slower and thus, take a longer time to extract larger amounts of juice. Electric juicers are very fast and very efficient. Like Sugarcane twin gear juicer crusher they may be quite simply designed or they may be a complex Citrus sugarcane vending machine. Their prices are reflective of the wide variance of styles.

With prices ranging from very simple Sugarcane twin gear juicers concentrate machines at $20 to Citrus sugarcane vending machine with prices up to $595. The higher price range juicers are most likely to be considered heavy duty, high performance juicers that may be the best citrus juicers for professional or commercial applications.

Whether simple or complex, manual or electric, inexpensive or costly, the Industrial cane crushers you is the one that fulfills every one of your requirements. An orange juice squeezer can help you in many ways. Its primary purpose is providing you with fresh orange juice at the touch of a button or turn of a handle, but you can adapt it to many other fruits and vegetables, allowing you to improve your diet and meet your nutritional needs, even if you don’t have a lot of free time to cook.

Simply investing in an Sugarcane twin gear juicers concentrate can be a great motivator—if you spend money on something, you are more likely to use it and enjoy it! Food Packaging Equipment Come and join us for the quality oriented Citrus sugarcane vending machine1 We are totally committed in bringing you the best quality Food Packaging Equipment, Rotary Filler and Sugarcane twin gear juicer crusher. All of our equipments range from simple manual units to fully automated, integrated systems. These Food Packaging Equipments are used in large number of industries. Last but not the least, the prices offered for these food packaging Industrial cane crushers are very admissible.

24. Sugarcane extracting machine

We offer continuous Sugarcane stainless steel juice producer, developed and manufactured by our principal Merchant sugarcane franchise. It continuously and efficiently peels off the hard peels of Pomegranate of various sizes. This peeler is facilitated with two drives with variable speed mechanism so as to achieve the best peeling efficiency with lowest wastage.The system is complete with feed hoppers, fruit peeling chambers, peel separation chambers, mash discharge and waste discharge chutes and a supporting frame. Further, its contact parts are in Sugarcane twin gear juicer machine and its basic model can process about 7-8 Tones of fruit per hour.

Following are its advantages:

  • Best peeling efficiency
  • Better skin / peel separation
  • Less breakage of arils
  • Less wastage of arils with the peel etc.

The Sugarcane extracting machine or Refiners is Suitable for extraction and refining of juice / purees from pulpy & fibrous fruits. The fruit which has previously been chopped and preheated, is fed to the turbo-extractor where a rotor, with radial blades, squeezes the product, making the most of the Heavy duty Sugarcane extracting machine action against the perforated screen, obtaining the separation of the puree/juice, from the skin, from the seeds and from the pips.

The refining degree can be varied changing the dimension of the screen’s holes, while the squeezing degree can be regulated by increasing or decreasing the number of revolutions of the refining body, and this last adjustment can be made while Sugarcane stainless steel juice producer is in running condition. All the contact parts of the unit are in AISI 304 and are supplied with a supporting frame for quick installation. The unit is also supplied with additional sieves of different hole sizes for more flexibility. This Sugarcane twin gear juicer machine offers many advantages like; increase in yield. homogenous product (useful for efficient sterilization and filing),reduction in undersired suspended solids in pulp (like black and brown specs in case of Merchant sugarcane franchise.

25. Semi automatic cane Crushers

L'EQUIP is committed to manufacturing the highest-quality, most user-friendly health appliances that not only perform well but have a unique design to complement any kitchen.
Excellent for the Beginner or Experienced semi automatic cane Crushers Juicer alike!

• Compact Design
• Powerful Motor
• Affordable
• Easy to Clean
• 10 Year Warranty
• Continuous Juicing
• High yield
• High-Quality stainless steel bowl, blade and basket
• 3" BIG MOUTH feed chute
• Dishwasher Safe (top shelf)
• On/Off toggle Switch
• UL/CUL approved
• 12" deep 7.5" wide 14.5" high
• Voltage 120 volts 60Hz
• 1/3 Horsepower Motor
• 480 Watts Max
• 3 foot power cord w/ grounded plug
• 11,000 RPM
• Made in Korea
semi automatic cane Crushers is a company dedicated to health and well-being. With many years of experience in health-related semi automatic Organic . , the company was founded with a mission to create products that have true advantages over other semi automatic Organic . —products that function well and look good.

26. unique cane juice crusher

The Electric motorized Sugarcane juice Crushers has been developed as a logical replacement or upgrade machine for the traditional apple pack presses or smaller batch systems typically used for cider and freshly pressed juices from Electric motorized Sugarcane juice Crushers. The unique cane juice crusher is a compact, affordable unit with some surprising extras. Everything you need to make healthy fruit and vegetable juice is included. Two safety latches lock the juice collector and cover in place for hassle-free juicing. The unique cane juice crusher handles a wide assortment of produce and more. Combine several different juices for a flavorful cocktail. Juices (and their pulp) can also be used to make jams and jellies, soups, ice cream, and more.

With included attachment, this unit is not just for juicing, the Nutrition Center turn nuts into nut butters, extrudes pasta, grinds coffee and spices, minces herbs and garlic, makes baby food and frozen desserts, and extrudes soy milk. The 10 Year Warranty – one of the longest in the Industry – guarantees you’ve purchased “the last juicer you will ever need to own.”


  1. Big Volume Juicer - quickly and easily produces large quantities of pure, healthy, pulp-free citrus juice. Ideal for high-volume juice bars, hospitals, and hotels.
  2. Heavy Duty Direct Drive Motor - quiet operation, powerful performance and outstanding durability.
  3. Rugged Polycarbonate Motor Housing - protects motor; vibration-dampening feet provide quiet, stable operation.
  4. Stainless Steel Juice Collector – quickly drains juice through large spout for volume production
  5. Easy to clean - detachable components are dishwasher safe.
  6. Universal Reamer – thoroughly juices all types of citrus fruits, from the smallest lemon to the largest grapefruit.
  7. Convenient Design – compact and easy to clean.
  8. High speed motor (1800 rpm) for fastest juice yield.
  9. Detachable dome to prevent splash out.

27. Automatic citrus cane juicer

The Juicer feature list includes an extra wide feed chute that enables you to put whole fruit and vegetables through the juicer without the need for chopping or slicing them. Citrus fruits must however be peeled before placing in the juicer and if you are not using washed organic fruit and vegetables then you may want to peel or remove the skin of your produce to be sure to remove any agricultural chemicals that may have been sprayed on them.

The HR1861 is a pulp ejecting sugarcane hand type juicer machine model so the fruit / vegetable pulp is automatially ejected into the generouly sized pulp collection bucket that attaches to the juicer. This means that you can juice without having to stop to open the juicer and remove the pulp.The juicer comes with a 1.5 litre juice jug that neatly collects the juice and prevents it spilling over your kitchen surface. This can save valuable time when cleaning up after juicing as no juice leaks under the juicer or any other tabletop kitchen appliances. The automatic citrus cane juicer parts are dishwasher safe although the pulp bucket and jug are a little large and so best washed by hand. A handy brush is supplied to clean the filter mesh that prevents pulp entering the juice jug.

In use the automatic citrus cane juicer action of the juicer powered by a 700w motor makes for a rapid rate of juicing when compared to masticating or twin gear juicers. You can easily feed through enough carrot and apple in 30 seconds to make half a pint of juice.The juicer has a dual speed control which enables more efficient juicing of soft and hard fruits. When the pulp bucket and juice jug are fitted the juicer takes up considerable space on the work (dimensions 50cm x 50cm x 50cm) surface so bear this in mind if your kitchen space is limited.

28. Vending automatic sugarcane juicer

We are the leading supplier of quality range Hand Operated Fruit Juicer for our clients. The product is used for the extraction of juice from peeled fruits and is fabricated with an all sturdy aluminum body with stainless steel strainer. The Vertical sugar cane juicer crusher is suitable for continuous operation and is easy to clean and maintain. These machines also easy to use, and do not require any power or electricity as it works on the slime principle of pressing the machine.The product is available in a variety of designs and models along with a client based specifications to choose from the leading manufacturer and offer an array of Vending automatic sugarcane juicer.

Hydraulic sugarcane juice machine for our clients suitable for the preparation of sugarcane juice etc.The Paste Making Machine allows the paste to retain its natural properties like the flavor as well as its nutrient value which are the chief features of this machine. The Sugarcane processing juice extractor is also available in different blades and meshes as per the requirement of the clients. The working capacity of the machines depends on the product as well as the efficiency of the operator.

Other specifications of the machine include:
Bringing commercial Vertical sugar cane juicer crusher into your kitchen, the American-made Blendtec Total Sugarcane processing juice extractor through even the most demanding blending tasks with ease. Raw food enthusiasts, gourmet chefs and anyone looking for the ultimate in quality from a home kitchen appliance need look no further. Sugarcane processing juice extractor are used in juice bars, coffee shops, cafes, restaurants, hotels and many other food businesses throughout the world. The Total Blender doesn’t skimp or compromise on bringing that same reliable performance into the home, so if you want unparalleled blending power at the push of a button, this is the blender for you.This Vending automatic sugarcane juicer comes with the new Exclusive Pro parts which offer additional improvements to its excellent versatility and performance.

29. Automatic Sugarcane juice hand type equipment

Juicers are the rave in the health community which can attribute to its immense popularity in the market. Raw fruits and vegetables contain the highest number of enzymes needed by the human body to promote health. But enzymes are lost because of the process of cooking and this is the reason juicing raw fruits and veggies are the best way for the body to harness essential enzymes.

These cane Hand press juicers is especially beneficial as the health benefits of this wonder grass are thought to contain the highest number of concentrated enzymes when taken raw. A Hand Operated cane Juicer crusher is a simple and easy way to extract fresh wheatgrass juice. Cane Hand press juicers is known to purify the blood and gives numerous benefits to promote a healthy body. It will increase red blood cell count and cleanse the digestive system of harmful toxins. It will alleviate high blood pressure by dilating the blood pathways throughout the body, getting rid of cholesterol and other harmful debris that may harm blood circulation.

Wheatgrass is a powerful Automatic Sugarcane juice hand type equipment that sweeps away cancer-causing carcinogens in the digestive tract. It would be nice to know that wheatgrass contains liquid oxygen, which is beneficial for a healthy brain and a clear mind. It slows down the aging process by further nourishing healthy cells and rejuvenates aging cells for a more youthful appearance.

These are just a few of the medical and health benefits of wheatgrass which could easily be harnessed with the use of a Automatic Sugarcane juice hand type equipment stains over prolonged use. The non-porous characteristics of stainless steel make it hygienic and easy to clean, perfect for any Twin gear sugarcane juicing machine pplication. Produces less juice in Twin gear sugarcane juicing machine . Separates seeds when juicing grapes, without crushing the seeds. Produces less foam with sugarcane juice and Hand Operated cane Juicer crusher .Extrudes Pastas, Nut Butters, Baby Foods, Frozen Fruit Sorbet, Soy drink


30. Cane juice hand type equipment

The Hand Operated cane Juicer machine juice contains plenty of vitamins, enzymes and minerals to provide the nutrients required by the human body. Through experimental analysis conducted by many U.S. and European scientists, research has shown more that one hundred ingredients, including proteins found in Cane juice hand type equipment.

Fresh-squeezed juice when you want it. Fast and easy to use, easy to clean. Practical juice extractor for Hand Operated cane Juicer machine and all soft fruits, berries and leafy vegetables. Tin plated cast iron construction. With stainless steel screen for long life and easy cleaning. Heavy-duty cast-iron construction for lifetime of use. Ergonomically designed crank handle turns effortlessly Clamps on style easily attaches to any Hydraulic sugarcane juicer press 1.5" thick. Rubber pads protect the most delicate work surfaces. Adjustable Hand Operated cane Juicer machine control to give the maximum pressure and juice. Great way to juice wheatgrass .Fully disassembles for quick and easy clean-up. Cane juice hand type equipment. Can also juice grapes, berries, and leafy vegetables.

Twin Gear Masticating Juicer with Magnetic and Bio--Cermmic Technolody - Preserves Juice Longer. Sugarcane processing juice machine, Fruits Vegetables & More - Most up to date of all Sugarcane processing juice machine machines. Low speed rotation (160 rpm); powerful twin gear impeller; generates virtually no heat


  • Tin Plated Cast Iron
  • No Aluminum Parts
  • Stainless Steel Juicing Screen
  • Dimensions: 9.75" H x 7" W
  • Handle Dimensions: 7" Long
  • Mount Opening: 1.625" Max
  • Feed Opening: 3.5" Diameter
  • Strainer Size: 5" L x 1.75" W
  • One Year Limited Warranty
  • NOTE: Requires Countertop or Table to clamp on to.
  • Must be less than 1.625" thick and at least 1.5" deep.